Diesel Jogg Jeans Review

A few weeks ago I received an email from Diesel, which proposed me to take part in a very interesting and enjoyable cooperation! Have been in fashion blogger relationship calls from around the globe who have consented to wear the newest jogg-interpreting jeans in three styles offered by Diesel: Lazy Sunday, Socialist and happy jobber (which in slang means respectively: comfortable and casual outfits, cool outfits , high fashion rate and grunge style, street).

After leggings and jeggings (a mix of leggings and jeans), he proposes the jogg Diesel jeans. At first glance it is not easy to understand the pun, but then touching hands with the head of the analogy becomes simple.

The jogg jeans is indeed a hybrid and fun product that combines two major casual clothes elements: denim and fleece. The fabric has the look of the jersey, is elastic and has a denim effect on the outside and fleece inside. A truly innovative leader and certainly different in the 5 pockets scene.

“Thomas Alva Edison in 2000 sought ways to create a light bulb. Diesel instead studied one method of forming the jogg jeans like a vintage jeans defined by Vintagematters. Similarly, Diesel’s new invention is as innovative as that of Edison. The bulb has changed the human way of life, illuminating the night, the jogg jeans improves the lives of every lover denim combining comfort and technology. “Definitely, because the appearance of jeans combined with the comfort of the suit, causes the product manager at Diesel becomes a cool product but also high comfort rate.

The jogg jeans, launched during the Bread and Butter in January 2011 will be available in Diesel stores around the world starting in July 2011, and is presented as an alternative to denim brave which in my opinion has all the characteristics to be a successful product.

And I, in the meantime, I decided to interpret it according to the Socialist style, playing on the contrast between the jogg-off jeans, masculine mood and accessories and garments strictly feminine: a corset to floral design, a necklace by gold details and a pair of platform to slim.What do you think?