Depending on Your Type Hairstyles Dress

Choose the hairstyle perfect for an event is not easy and when you want to make it look the most of your dress. That’s why we decided to give you some tips here for you to choose the right look according to the style of your outfit.

halter style

For this type of dresses are many possibilities can be anything from a classic bun, braids, ponytails, chongos or even wear my hair with some volume, it is important to highlight and stylize your shoulders.


To look asymmetrical dresses most appropriate is a lopsided hairstyle, either loose, semi collected or collected. If it is for a more casual event can choose a lopsided braid loosely structured or low side ponytails.

One shoulder

If your dress has one shoulder detail or is crossed, again we suggest you opt for an up do hairstyle or one braid to fall to one side (preferably the counter – sleeve dress side). Hairstyles ending in a queue next collection with either volume or lank go very well to this type of dresses.

Detail on the back

This type of dresses are very sexy and obviously we wear them 100% and therefore our hair should never cover it . High ponytails, collected and ribbons are the excellent choice to show off the details of the back as it should.

strapless style

The times of using sick gel and the typical stately chignon have passe, what today is versatile, so for this style of dress ideally a hair up simple, it achieved stylize much your figure and allow if your dress has details at the top of these are noticed at all times.

boat neckline

The aim of this dress is to show off the collarbone and shoulders of a woman, for them the ideal hairstyle look beautiful and stylish are collected or semi collected it will give a touch of elegance and sensuality to your look.

Long sleeve

The most colorful details of these dresses are on the shoulders or sleeves; playing with transparency, shine and beautiful folds. They also allow some freedom to choose the hairstyle; There are people who like to wear loose, even if the dress takes part transparencies in the shoulders and sleeves with a semi collected or collected would look much better.

V neckline

If the neckline of your dress is in V or in U, we can choose to take the loose hair with waves or with volume. However, if you are tall you can wear my hair down and if you are of short stature better opt for a pickup because it will not subtract optically height.

You see, these are the most popular cuts in dresses that you can wear the most if you take account your physiognomy and of course the right choice in hairstyle. Dare and forget about the classics!