Denounces Summer Fashion Jeans

The Denounces Jeans every new collection conquest more fans and love about filled to the most demanding consumer. The pieces are of excellent quality and leave the body as much female as male well modeled and comfortable.

And how the Jeans are always Denounces following the fashion trends, prepared a shock fashion and bright to meet the desires of consumers who don’t give up an outfit with style and good quality.

The spring/summer 2011 collection the Denounces jeans has a collection with different macro trends according to

The highlight is the looks with a variety of prints, embroideries and designs to satisfy all styles: casual, modern, chic, romantic and 80 years. Not to mention the color chart is democratic enough and he walks by warm tones such as: pink, coral, lime green and wine.

But forget the cooler tones and sober, like the gray, blue and beige and also meet the needs of those most classy that don’t open the neutrals like nude, black and off white add lightness and modernity to the collection.

For both the female and the male line, Denounces displays the jeans as a wild card, with washings and modeling: skinny, skinny, saruel and Kos-alto, who follow trends of the season. The highlight on the jeans of the 2011 summer collection the Denounces, fluorescent, pants that are the hits of next season.