Denmark Is the World’s Second Largest iPad-Country

Denmark is in a new study, the world’s second largest iPad-country based on visits to Web pages.

The iPad has been confirmed as the largest player in the tablet market, and from browser-statistics is the superior the largest.

But how does it look in Denmark?

Here we are, to put it mildly iPad fans if we are to believe on the latest statistics, over which the tablets we use when we are on the Web.

According to our site is Denmark the world’s second largest country, from iPad to Apple’s iPad is used in 95 percent of all cases in which a tablet visits a website.

We Danes will only be overtaken by a country and it is Monaco, here is the entire 96.1 percent of all tablets used on the Web there is an iPad.

Generally speaking, the Nordic region the area of the world where you are using iPads most on the Web compared to other tablets.

In Norway used iPads in 92.7 percent of cases and in Sweden, the figure is at 91.2 percent which is also among the highest in the world.