Delicate and Elegant Wedding Makeup

What trick pick for the big day? A make up silver can be ideal for a wedding very elegant and understated. Gives the complexion light and hides all defects.

The wedding makeup should be light and very elegant. Avoid to design for the day of your Yes a make up elaborate, because it would be really inappropriate. Brides should regale an ethereal image, almost snow-white, and for this reason the makeup should be minimal. The main function, just between us women, is opaque.

The days leading up to the marriage are very tiring and there is no bride on the morning of the wedding has not perhaps dark circles and obvious signs of stress, such as foruncolini various and scattered. The colors normally used for makeup are neutral tones or pastel. How about we try the silver? This solid you can safely replace the Pearl White, particularly, it gives an effect of light in the eye area and is very elegant.

How to make a silver wedding makeup

  • Prepare the base.The first thing to do is obviously making a good base. Always work with tone-on-tone cosmetic, so as not to give the mask effect. You need to apply first a good moisturizer, then concealer or eye primer is both on the eyelids. Now put your Foundation and homogenized with a thin layer of  You are now ready to start the make up.
  • Eye makeup (see Beautypically). Use the Pencil to make a light outline on the lower eyelids is on the upper ones. What colors to use? If you have blue eyes I would say blue, while the dark brown. Avoid black. Apply some white eyeshadow and thereupon that grey, shading toward the outer corners of the eyes with a brush. The eye shadow should also apply near the tear duct, and Pat it gently. If you want to make more intense gaze, with a brush add a little grey, right close to the eyelashes, where you have stretched the pencil.
  • Face makeup and lips.The lips should be left natural. The only thing you can put a bit of gloss, preferably transparent to Polish them up a bit. Do not use lipsticks or pencils, are really unnecessary for the effect you want to achieve. It takes, if you are very pale, a little blush on her cheeks, otherwise with a feather duster spend a little powder to stop the trick. You will be beautiful.