Decorative Silver Picture Frames

The table in silver frames are complements a timeless feel. top accessories in the classic style to embellish tables, coffee tables, dressers, shelves … with memories of a lifetime. The silver frames acquire a respectable place even in the modern decoration style, thanks to their glitter.

It is known, in fact, in the contemporary tendency to illuminate the furniture with complements from metallic finishes, polished or chrome, can bring light and contrast the dark and strong colors that dominate every room.

The silver frame accessories are available in all styles, complements of known economic value, through which to maximize even our memories.

Who chooses the silver frame, usually, she does not like to assisting them to frame in other materials. Devoting an entire surface such as a table or shelf, to the memories of a life, framed by silver precious, it means create class area, prestige, strong aesthetic impact in our home, which will not escape the eyes of the curious.

The most suitable conditions to put on display our memories are, usually, the lounge and the bedroom. For each room, for every style, for each photo format, the market offers a variety of models including surely you can find the most suitable choice to the tastes and needs of the landlord.

Simple lines, but finely crafted and very valuable the frame with Pattern shape of waves of The Emporium Home.

This is a picture frame from internetiest, 10 cm wide and 15 cm in height, clad in satin silver, dedicated to his mother. In addition to the nice waves on the lateral edges, stands another feature of the frame: the inscription engraved on top, tone on tone, high impact. A dedication to her mother.

An important place to remember forever an intense moment, a special event, shared with his mother. The ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

A complement that can enrich both the living room table that the dresser of the bedroom, both in classical and modern styles.

For photo sizes larger, the frame with decoration on Border Beads Evergreen.

It is a complement of rectangular shape, of 15 cm wide by 20 cm high, made of antioxidant silver, shiny, sparkling, with a characteristic perimeter decoration created by beads tone on tone.

A frame from the simple and elegant design; sharp lines and small geometric designs. The ideal choice for those who like to customize their homes with complements from the ever-living charm.

An accessory that sparkles and its sobriety is shown suitable to embellish various environments (living room, bedroom, but also entrance and kitchen) is furnished in a classic modern style.

Ideal for environments dominated by the classic frame design M. Shops Daisies.

This is a frame Silver Artisan Made in Italy, with walnut wood back for photos of size: 6 cm wide by 9 cm high.

A complement of great class and elegance, which is characterized by the end silversmithing along the edges, with the creation of very delicate floral motifs, through the use of craft techniques of working by hand.

A unique complement to make our fondest memories even more special and alive.