Decorative Shoe, Recycling Of Newsprint

Decorative shoe, recycling of newsprint

If you both like the shoes like me, you’ll love this work with newspaper.

Hello friends and friends, look at what a beautiful me has been my shoe, it is easy to do using the technique of the heart box, wall jacks and the basket, in this single work we will do some changes here, I’ll show you, accompany me in the procedure?

Newspaper strips of 7.5 cm. wide by 54 in. long, a skewer of normal wood, paper film of kitchen, carton and template for mould, white glue, silicone, spray paint, brooches for clothing and decoration to taste.

This is our shoe template, in this video they talk how I do give it the size that I want to copy it from the screen of my computer.

We pass the pattern twice on the carton, this cardboard is thick and rather hard.

Cut three strips of cardboard 9 cm. width and of other extreme 7 cm. reducing a centimeter on each side, the length is 15 cm, we stick them together with hot silicone and then in this part one of molds, then on the other taking great care that they are symmetrical. Then we take a strip of cardboard two centimetres wide, we bend it the length of the heel, paste with silicone and then in the middle of the heel, in the part of the heel do the same,

We lined the entire piece with film of kitchen paper, I suggest that before you start to roll the rods of paper we hit several, I did it with the same hot silicone, we start with the heel trying to not tighten far turns,

Once you already have the appearance that you like, we’ll stick a rod with hot silicone around the entrance of the shoe, then we are going to give you three abundant layers of white glue, letting dry between coats, they cannot lower the glue with water I prefer it undiluted. This step is very important, because we will serve to harden the shoe and stick strips very well with each other.

Once dry and hard work are going to remove the part which we delimited with the rod, the upper part of the shoe with a pair of scissors. Immediately and carefully let go cutting cardboard mould in order to make it, part of the heel should be remove with greatest care, remember? Why I recommended them not to tighten much in this part.

So it has been, to solve that heel was very weak to us, we introduce a piece of cardboard and cover it with a paper, now with a thick brush rod by soaking it in water we are going to remove all glue remaining.

When you’re clean of glue, we crush a rod and stick it inside at the edge of the shoe, we can use cold or hot silicone or white-tailed and we hold with brooches for clothing, once dry, give another coat of adhesive undiluted, inside and on the heel.

Here already we can paint it and then decorate it with what we want, I am going to paste these flowers and these sheets, which I leave the videos if want them to do

I painted flowers and leaves with acrylic paint, painted shoe with spray paint metallic color and hit him are accounts that had also metallic color, also I put them of pistil flowers, it has not been beautiful? Well if you like to help me share the video so that her friends also, do not forget to share me your photos and we
See you in the next video,