Decorative Ideas for Vintage Weddings

What is vintage to you?

Using details from past decades is fashionable and may be more natural than you imagined.
Here are some ideas to use for your big day.

Vintage does not have a closed and determined aesthetic. Suddenly, you think vintage is gathering a lot of decorative oldies that have nothing to do with your style. Such a vintage does not have to be a specific decade. If you do a beach wedding with a hippie touch of the 70’s already have something retro to give as a touch according to
What decorative details can integrate your wedding, look vintage and, at the same time, be your face?

  • Wedding on the farm with colonial coffee and food on the wood stove. Is there anything more vintage than that? In the midst of the 21st century, we can do like our grandparents and serve genuine and slowly cooked food on the wood stove. In the farewell, a coffee with cornbread cake leaves the taste of farm house.
  • Old sewing machines and picture frames.I have a picture of my father with his brothers when they were children.Of these in black and white, but which are hand painted.If you have something like that, make a wall with these family portraits.Other elements, such as furniture, give a touch of welcome and familiarity.
  • Table of sweets with cakes, whales and the like.You know those old, rotating whales?How about renting one and filling it with bullets from your childhood?That’s vintage too!Homemade chocolate corn, cornmeal, orange and carrot cookies are also something of a vintage since they are part of almost everyone’s childhood.
  • Antique mirror frames for the photo booth.If you have a well-detonated picture frame or mirror sneaking at home, take it to the wedding and use it as a photo frame for your friends on the so-called photo booth!