Decorating Wedding Reception Hall Ideas

Regardless of the implementation of the décor, balloons, be they in cluster or Ark, become essential for landscaping and decoration of your wedding reception hall.

By experience, if the bride and groom wear their choice on a decoration with balloons, it is spontaneously related to several factors financial, aesthetic and practical…

Aesthetics: balloons offer a dynamic image to the décor. thanks to their lightness to this magical float in the air, the bride and groom like this image light and wispy effect reached by the cheap balloons from weddinginfashion.

Practice: because we install the scenery from A to Z (inflation, installation, and installation) which avoids the bride and groom (or guests) a tedious and time consuming installation without forgetting a result provided by professional decorators. In order to optimize the decoration of balloons the day of the reception, here are some additional tips that will help you better choose and avoid a disaster the day J.

Financial: after a quick calculation (balloons helium + ribbons + travel + time spent doing the tests +… +… +…), many are married to discover that using our services will be less expensive than make it themselves… Make the calculation without forget and you may be surprised. We call, you will be more a service: the certainty that the décor will be ready on time and will match to this we show on our different Press book.

1 Idea For The Décor of The Cocktail

For the decoration of the cocktail, prefer bouquets of balloons that you can let go then.

Bouquets to decorate the buffet with an original key.

Add an easy to implement animation: distribute a label to each (to write a little and her first name) and you will have a very nice animation: indeed, who don’t ever dream to release its biodegradable ball in the sky?

Finally, the release will allow you to report, without saying, and everything yet elegant, the cocktail is finished.

1 for Entry Into the Bathroom Décor Idea

To decorate the entrance to the room, opt for thearch of balloons which can accommodate your guests in style.

To keep a beautiful harmony, avoid the multicolored atmospheres (except on purpose).

We recommend 2 to 3 maximum colors (with a cast of white or ivory to keep the elegance of the reception).Two opposition colors (white and black, white and blue marine for example) still form a good duo. If you prefer the more side trend, try the color ramp!

For your info, a deposit is required for arches delivered with a metal structure (do not hesitate to contact us for additional information). For entry, a hedge of bouquets of balloons and even, why not, if the location permits, a row of giant balloons can also be imagined.

1 Idea For the Decoration of the Tables

For the decoration of the tables, bunches of cheap balloons in the center of the table provide maximum impact for a reasonable budget. Obviously, the colours of the bouquets of tables must be granted to the themes of the arches and the bouquets cocktail or other elements of decoration.

Many shapes and sizes (up to 1 meter in diameter) are available. As a reminder, our estimates are free and without obligation.

For the center of table, a ballast is necessary to avoid that the balloons don’t fly. Her too, we offer several possibility with different budgets (small ballast in balloons, gift shaped of pyramid, mugs, etc…). It is also not uncommon that we used an element of decoration on the table (vase, Bowl, branching, flower arrangement… are also sometimes heavy enough to hold the balloons and avoid the effect of the cartoon ‘Up there’).

And why not add a little bit more fun, why not create pretty sculptures on balloons to mark the children’s table or your first choice places? Another idea to success: a balloon inflated with helium hooked to each child’s Chair: better that a ball, you will offer to the pretty little darlings magical unforgettable!