Decorated with Enamel Nails

Look decorated nails has become the complement to any look from the most casual to the most elegant and sophisticated, but not have to spend more to have them, here are some ideas to decorate your nails with enamel.

Polka Dots nails

On Growtheology, this nail design is very easy to do besides going perfect in this summer, all you have to do is choose your favorite glaze that will be the basis of your manicure, once dry using a punch or dotting tool and an enamel differently from the base color, you can play by placing the points in different positions or sizes, if you have a punch you can use a pin or hair pin.

Nails with Glitter

For an evening event and even day nails decorated with glitter look fabulous, the procedure for this decoration is simple and fast, you just have to paint the nail color of your choice (you can combine with your clothes) use glitter nail or a glaze Glitter or glitter, you can apply it to all nails covering for complete, on a nail or the beginning of these.

Enamels with Magnet

Currently on the market there are a variety of products for decorating nails, one of them are the glazes magnet that are able to decorate your nails with vertical, horizontal, inclined or as lines thou you prefer, just paint the nail with enamel and are dry before placing the magnet so that the design appears.

Degraded nails

To achieve this degraded decoration only need a nail color of your choice, a white enamel and a small bowl, you have to do is paint the nail of the thumb of both hands with enamel, for the next Toenail index the container pour a few drops of colored glaze and apply a few drops of white enamel to lighten the color, repeat owe this to the rest of the nails until the color of the nail of the little finger is much clearer.

French Metal

This is one of the nail decoration more elegant enamel’puedes look, you need a metal enamel and one matte painting nails entirely with matte enamel and allowed to dry, then with the help of tape marks the line French manicure and applies the metallic glaze on that part.

Nails Crescent

The average nail moon are decorated following very fashionable, you can make it in fashion colors per season and so will look great, the first step is to paint your nail with the color you like when dry, using a tape adhesive mark the crescent and paint color you prefer.

Geometric designs

The combination of tones is a staple in decorating nails with nail, you can create different designs like this with triangles, all you need is three glazes of different color and adhesive tape, the first step is to paint the nail polish that you chose for the base and dry, place a strip of tape inclined covering half the nail and painted with another color when dry, cut another strip of tape and paste it in the opposite way to the front and paints the nail with the last color.

Animal Print with Color

The animal print is a design that will never go out of style, if you want to give a touch of summer opt for bright colors like pink, orange or green, they will look sensational in a white base and do not forget the black color is a basic this manicure.

Using your creativity and glazes sure you have at home you can create unique and different designs for every occasion, as you can tell do not need to spend a lot to look fashionable with a perfect manicure.