Decorated Nails Designs:+30 Nails That You Will Love Them!

The nails are extremely popular to wear a beautiful manicure without effort. You don’t have to wait for your natural nails grow to use, come in easy-to-implement sets and unlike other artificial nails, you can do it from home.
As if that were enough, there are plenty of designs for all occasions that are the most precious, and so subtle that not seem that you have applied nothing in your hands.

Today, they have become fashionable several sensational trends.

If you’re thinking about using this type of nail as described in manicure selection and have no idea of how, take a look at these Tips manicure you will love.

Beautiful nails

When you go to put a set of nails of this type, you have two options: get one that has just the style you’re looking for or choose nails of white or nude, you can decorate as you would with the natives.

Either way, these are some of the best fashion designs to inspire you.

Matte nails

Since the matte glazes made appearance, we have not wanted to let go of them and have formed part of an infinity of manicures and pedicures. The hairpieces tips can be painted with them, to get beautiful effects.

Colors bright and decorated with stones fantasy, metal strips or different textures, are the ultimate in an original design. Although by themselves, matte nails really attract attention.

Black nails

Nail arts smart talk, black remains dominant as the color of fashion to have hands like the of a Queen. A lot of trends can be combined with this tone as the protagonist.

Animal print, stripes, tribal, or metal details are some of the most beautiful. Although you can also save yourself the work and leave your nails will look on their own with this color.

White nails

Like black, white is a neutral very safe to ensure an amazing manicure. And not by its simplicity, you are going to think it’s boring. Just look what you can do with it.

From nail effect marble to those that are decorated with glitter.Once again, we realize that a glaze with this color by itself, can be very sophisticated.

Color nails came

Other colors popular for decorating the nails is wine, a tone that is elegant, feminine and very sexy, that in your manicure will remain of infarction, whether you use it only or combining textures and styles.

The possibilities, as you can see, become infinite between stones, geometric figures, nails type lace, animal print, lines, flowersvintage and much more. Black is the best tone to accompany this color.

Natural nails

When you want to look for a French manicure or nail to the natural, and yours does not have the required length, the hair tips are a great solution. And as you can see, they look great with this style.

But even this trend can add them a plus with glitter, figures in white color, gems or a gradient that you a this technique a perfect touch. Yours is what goes best with your personality.

Short nails

But the tips are not always used to simulate longer nails. In fact, they are just as well when you leave them a moderate length but you know them to decorate. As with the styles that you can see right away.

Nude, double French manicure nail colour, with glitter at different sizes or to geometric designs, that have nothing to envy to the long nails manicures. Good to wear short nails, is that they are more practical and comfortable.

Beaked nails

Another benefit of this type of nail, it is to be able to give them the way you want, with a nail Clipper, which most of the times, is included with the sets. And this is one of the most popular.

Not seem to some girls use a manicure in peak form, for various reasons. But other, still love to do it, because they think that it is very sexy and flattering. No matter what you prefer, remember that it is always possible to mould them to your liking.

How to put nails

The main advantage of this type of nail, is that they leave you much more expensive than if going to a salon to do you some acrylic; However, should know very well how to apply them.

In this tutorial, the one of the most Yudianela how to use a white tips from those who buy in Chinese shops online, giving shape and applying them.

Once you have your put unitas, the only thing you have to do, is to decorate them like in any of the designs you just look above.

How to remove nail tips

You don’t have to wait for it to fall by itself alone to adopt a new style, or let it rest your hands. But there is another procedure that you must follow if you don’t want to hurt you.

In this video from the channel of ideaskenita, you will learn to remove them easy, clean way and most importantly of all, pain-free!

Remember that you should never try to rip these artificial nails, or you could cause you an injury. If you are looking for something more elaborate and professional, you may want to take a look at this article on acrylic manicures. You’ll love it.

What all these designs of nail tips has been your favorite?