Decorate The Wall With Children’s Vinyls

Do you like various adhesives and do not know which one is best for you?

Today I bring you some tips to decorate the wall with children’s vinyl and achieve the effect you are looking for.

In this post you will see the different results that you can achieve in your decoration, depending on which point of the wall you place the vinyl, for example:

How to get deeper into space, make your wall look taller or wider… or just create a more welcoming atmosphere… are some of the things you can accomplish if you spend some time before deciding.

To do this, I show you the same room decorated with different vinyl vinyls by Vinilvip, all in white, so you just notice how important it can be to decide how to place the different stickers. Let’s see what you think?

The first is one of the decorative tree stickers, with a lot of flowers to distribute on the wall. By placing the vinyl tree ( as a larger item) right next to the closet, you get deeper and make the room larger than if you placed it at the head of the bed. The flowers already adorn the rest.

In this other image, you have only a funny boat adhesive centered on the bed that helps you to feel spacious and balanced, ideal for children’s decorations .

Look at the third image as well as you can. And … do not you think the ceiling is higher? The well distributed butterflies help you give the visual weight at the point that interests you but without overloading.

Flower stickers for children’s decorations. Vinilvip basic baby vinyl collection.

In this other case, you clearly define the point of attention of the decoration. All the visual weight is low and almost marked by a straight line at the furniture level.If this original vinyl sentence we hit higher, the fourth would see it with a lower roof still and smaller space.

Personalized children’s vinyl with motivational phrases. Design by Vinilvip.

And now.. what do you think? Do not you think the wall has increased?

With simple cloud and star stickers you can give the effect you want, in addition to decorating your walls in a balanced way. Design by Vinilvip.

Do you see it? How the feeling of space and depth changes…

A funny wall sticker with its branch and its stickers for baby birds (Product designed by Vinilvip)

So take your time and decide calmly where and how to decorate your wall with children’s vinyls. Choose a good place, keep in mind the measurement and the color (important, of course, do not forget) and… sure you get it right. With them you can change a decoration completely. Play with visual effect, depths and create really special effects. They are also so easy to place that you will hallucinate, just take time and not be in a hurry. You would be surprised!

And if you need help… you know, contact me at Vinilvip ‘s store and I’ll lend you a hand at whatever you need.