“Deconstructing” The Motorola Droid, The Most Expensive of The Group

The company iSuppli returns to the fray with its reverse-engineering methods to determine the value of a terminal. It separates each of the elements that make up the device, finds the value that have separately according to its suppliers, and sum them. We saw recently with the Nexus One, and now it is the turn to the Motorola Droid/Milestone.

Interestingly the final value obtained, 179.11 dollars in components, and 8.64 dollars for labor, is superior to the 174.15 dollars (only parts) of the Nexus One, or the 178.96 dollars (materials and labor) for iPhone 3GS.

A little more economical is the whole of the Palm Pre, 138 dollars labor included. As we can see, excluding the Palm, the cost per component is set to the maximum in the category.

We are going to see a table with the breakdown of components of the Motorola Droid/Milestone:

The screen is the component of greatest value

The most expensive independent part of the set is 16GB microSD memory card, with a value of $35, surpassed by the 35.25 dollars totaling the screen itself (17.75 dollars) and touch surface (17.50 dollars).

In this area the more expensive terminal is the Nexus One, as the AMOLED screen of 3.7 inches has a cost of 23.50 dollars, and 17.50 the touch surface. As for the iPhone 3 g, 19.25 dollars for the screen of 3.5 inches, and 16 dollars for the touch layer.

In the case of the Motorola Droid/Milestone, although the keyboard appears not identified, It also has a significant cost, which is possibly whatever that amount is higher than the rest of contenders. It will also have something to do with the price the reinforcement for the screen that involves the use of Gorilla Glass.

We must bear in mind that these amounts do not include the costs carried by the payment of licenses, software that brings including, accessories, packaging, transportation, advertising, etc.

Finally I leave you with some images that you can see the different parts that make up the Motorola Droid/Milestone:

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