De X Dagallo-on the Way to Your Own Jacket

In today’s article, I would like to introduce you to a very special project, which is currently running behind the scenes at This is something quite new, not only for me but also for the company DaGallo, which has addressed me. In the following, you will find the short version of the project, before you get more information about the company, the current status of the project and the possibility to get involved with your own.

DaGallo is a Berlin manufactory for functional clothing and comes from the sailing sport sector. There, they have already individually equipped numerous international crews. In order to make their know-how accessible to other industries, they have launched a new project.

Under the motto “of sailors for adventurers” DaGallo wants to develop together with me a jacket model, which agrees an urban lifestyle with the requirements for functional clothing. The starting point for the new model can be an old favorite jacket or a specific theme (architecture, design, cars) or just get in the way. Ultimately, we are working together to create a jacket that can prove itself in urban everyday life.

Dagallo-Who Is That?

In the meantime, you have read the short version of the project, but now I would like to go a little further and first introduce my partner or the company a bit more precisely, with which I am on the way to the own jacket.

DaGallo is a young Berlin textile company with a long history. The manufactory was founded in 2005 by the couple Daniel and Katharina Becher, whereby the two had the advantage to access rooms of the textile factory, which has been family-owned for decades. Since then, high-quality and stylish sailwear has been created in these rooms where lace and embroidery have been produced for more than five decades.

As one of the first tools, a sewing machine, a grandmother’s heirloom, built in 1945, was used. In the meantime, some modern machines have been introduced, but the sewing machine of the grandmother is still used again and again.

Just as the machine fleet has expanded, the DaGallo area has slowly expanded over time, and yet they remain rooted in the Berlin / Brandenburg region. This is where the company’s headquarters are, where the models are designed and sewn. The fabrics are predominantly made of a small weaving mill in Saxony, to a small extent also from Northern Italy and Sweden. The company’s largest production base is located in Szczecin, Poland, which is only two hours from Berlin and actually belongs to the region.

On The Way To His Own Jacket-First Thoughts

As already mentioned in the introduction of the article, this is not a question which reaches one daily and is something more special.But this makes this project so interesting. At first I had my concerns, since I have no idea of cuts, compositions, etc, at least if one judges it from a craftsman / professional view. My opinion, which I like and look good, I have of course and that, assured me Daniel, is also sufficient.

I should just have time with my suggestions, as I imagine my ideal jacket, which details and specifics this should have and the subtleties of the implementation takes care of DaGallo. Sounds quite enticing and so we decided to make a phone call after a few mail to clarify further details. It turned out that Daniel not only with his mails, but also on the phone is sympathetic. I also noticed that one is moving on the same level and is perceived as a partner in this project and not just as an “inspiration”.

My ideas have been visualized and described by means of some photos, my existing jackets. So that you also get an idea of my idea for a jacket, I have you subsequently the information, which I have forwarded to DaGallo.

What Daniel and his team made of it, you see afterwards. But also you should be able to bring along and can leave me in the comments your opinion about what a jacket for the urban everyday you think you need or what you can safely do without. So we all have the possibility to design the “perfect” jacket for everyday urban life.

My First Thoughts About The Urban Jacket For Everyday Life

When I thought about my idea of a jacket, I first had to restrict myself a little. After all, it will not be the case that there is a jacket which can be worn all year round. Therefore, I have limited myself to the time from late spring to early autumn. Say, a jacket for warmer days and cooler evenings. As important characteristics, I have decided that the jacket should be moisture-repellent and breathable.

In general, the cut of the jacket should be more solid and not too strong, because in my opinion there is nothing worse than running around with a kind of potato sack which turns out to be an oversized jacket at a second glance. You can see how the whole thing should look like in the following pictures.

Inside the jacket, if possible, two inner pockets should be placed.One of them serves as a smartphone pocket and has a connected headphone cable guide, which comes out at the collar of the jackets – this is to be similar to the following photo, a closing is not absolutely necessary, as the smartphone should be easily accessible.

The other inside pocket is used to store wallet, keys or the like. This is closed by a zipper, in this case it should be hidden in the hem of the jacket if possible.

When closing the jacket, by means of a zipper, care should be taken that under this fabric/membrane or similar should be present, which prevents the rainwater coming directly to the chest. Quasi a kind of built-in stop function against water.

On the hem of the jacket, the possibility should be given to pull it closer or to pull it to the body. This can be done, for example, as shown in the following photograph (pull closure).

Furthermore, the jacket should have a hood, possibly removable.Like the hem, this should also be narrower. It would be desirable if the collar is close up to provide protection against wind and weather.

On the sleeves should be a guide for the thumb if possible, and the design can be worn comfortably over the palm of the hand in the cooler seasons and is also protected from the cold without gloves.

As far as my first ideas about the jacket, which is to come from the cooperation of and DaGallo.

Dagallao Made This From My Ideas

Daniel and his team have done relatively quickly to put my ideas in a sketch. To get a picture of how the later jacket should look. It must be said, however, that this is the first draft and not a final version of the jacket. But look best yourself.

Personally, I am quite impressed with this first draft, at least one can see that we are looking in the same direction from our idea of the jacket. This is not the end of the trip to his own jacket, but has just begun. For now, it goes further, details need to be clarified, how, for example, the accommodation or accommodation of the hood as well as the choice of fabrics and colors and arrangements are made.

In the next few days, I will get first fabric patterns so I can feel them and look at them and make a selection from them. In the meantime, one or the other phone call will certainly be conducted with Daniel to clarify details or to discuss the further procedure.Either way, DaGallo and will have a couple of exciting weeks / months to deal with each other and I keep you up to date on the blog regularly.

Bring You In

Of course, I would also like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the design of the jacket. So you can write me in the comments or by mail, which is for you a jacket for the urban adventure is an absolute must. And I think your opinion is very important, because there are quite different ideas, which one would absolutely like to find in his jacket and an exchange is therefore quite reasonable. Otherwise, of course, I am also interested in what you think of the project?

So that you can stay up-to-date, it is recommended to continue to pursue the blog diligently. You can also check out the DaGallo blog as well as follow my Instagram account, because there will surely be one or the other photos in the future.