Cycleway Generates Energy to Feed Home for One Year

The world’s first cycle path to produce renewable electricity during its first six months of life was able to generate enough energy “to cover the needs of a single-person dwelling over a year,” according to Sten De Wit, a spokesperson for SolaRoad.

The Dutch bike path produced more than 3000 kWh, which is also equivalent to the “energy required for an electric scooter to give two and a half turns to the world.” “We would not expect production as high as this so fast,” confided Sten de Wit.

Since its inauguration in November last year, around 150,000 cyclists have passed through this cycle path – in the pilot phase until 2017-and “barely noticed that this is a ‘special’ surface,”so that”the objective of acceptance Of users] has also been reached.”

This first cycle course, which is being tested, was installed on the N203 in Krommenie and is 70 meters long. By 2016, you should earn at least another 30, one of your future goals being to provide power for street lighting, traffic systems, property or, eventually, electric cars.

The  Solaroad  intends to make the connection between Krommenie and Wormerveer, two suburbs of Amsterdam. This is a paved road with prefabricated concrete modules with two lanes: one covered by a layer of glass under which are photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy and transform it into electricity; And another that serves as reference and to test different coatings.

The project costs three million euros and is signed by the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Province of North Holland, Ooms Civiel and Immetech Traffic & Infra.

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