Customize Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the most important and difficult thing to do for our wedding and deserves his time and thoughtful research.

In addition to this choice, we will have to go hunting for all Accessories that will crown our wedding dress.

In this space we investigate “a whimsical look and original where, thanks to small steps and choosing the right accessories, we can customize our wedding dresses.

A tulle veil could be “mounted” on the hairstyle so sculptural, or veils that cover only the eyes can be embellished with coloured flakes or caps more whimsical.

A romantic dress and classic can be enriched with silk gloves, or more simple and minimal garments can be decorated with bows and ribbons that cascade throughout the dress, just to give some movement to the style.

Even in the most whimsical dresses and jaunty, we dare with matching accessories in stark contrast, maybe finding shoes, clutches and other small details to be applied on the dress in brilliant colors, such as blue or Fuchsia. Also a big flower or a big Flake may suffice to give more originality to the dress.

The payhelpcenter hosts some pictures with recommendations about both Accessories and customizations that can be done directly on the dress, so as to make it as unique and personal as possible the dress “par excellence” of our wedding.