Customize Your Own Hoodie Designs

The Custom Hoodies: Many Opportunities.

Custom sweatshirts offer a range wide enough opportunities. No panic, we are here to help you make the right choice. Come on, we take you with us a moment to detail a little more these categories and better understand the differences between each of them.

Customize Your Own Hoodie Designs

The Sweats Hoodies:

Why start with hoodies custom hoodies? It’s simple, it’s the most popular hoodies category by our customers. A classic but timeless style, hooded sweatshirts offer comfort and warmth whom to equip. This is the choice without risk taking is by most associations, including student associations. Some hoodies-shirts are available in woman cut and so will give these ladies a more tailored cut. The hood is a real plus! Needless to team windbreaker or jacket to cover you from the rain, and that we appreciate.

The Sweats Neck:

Basically, the personalized round neck sweatshirts are hooded sweatshirts without hoods…. More commonly called ‘sweatshirts without hoods”, these hoodies offer more light than their counterparts with hood. The crew neck sweatshirts gradually dig an important place in the universe custom sweaters. Besides, it’s round neck sweatshirts are often called “jumpers” because they have no hood. The material is itself the same as for the hoodies, the difference happens only the neck, where we shall find there no hood. We recommend light sweaters for its light side, more comfortable to wear during the warm weather starting to return.

The Sweats Zipped:

The hoodies custom zipped  are similar variable hoods sweats. The only thing that changes is that they have… a zip! Zip, zip, names are many, but they mean the same thing: it is possible to withdraw his sweat easily. For the form, a zipped sweatshirt is a hoody which is added a zipper, allowing zip and unzip the sweat to remove it and put it in the manner of a jacket. Let’s face it we, we all at one time or another, struggled to remove his sweat, here is the solution to all our problems.

The Jackets:

The custom jackets are halfway between the zipped hooded sweatshirt and round neck. They have no hood as the round neck sweater and has a zipper as zipped hoodies. To make even more simple, there is a round neck sweater with a zip. The story is somewhat the same as the zipped hoodies, if you want something easier to / remove while enjoying the lightness offered by the removal of the hood, the jacket is right for you. Moreover, the jackets are often compared with jackets (no hood, zip), however, keep in mind that it is a sweatshirt, composition and texture are very close to those other hoodies.

The Teddys:

Finally, we come to the custom teddys ! You certainly know these hoodies that are gaining momentum in recent years. Also known as the “varsity jacket” are typical hoodies American students. Made famous by many movies, this type of sweat breaks the rules and offers a very specific recognizable two-tone collar. The classic teddy has no hood and fastens with buttons, but there are some variations with hood and / or zip closure. Looking for something out of the ordinary to better make an impression? The teddys will then be an excellent choice.

The Sweat Pants:

What are custom hoodies pants in the category custom hoodies? These pants, similar to jogging, are composed of the same material as the hoodies. They are gradually their marks in the world of fashion today. The big plus: comfort, you will not find a more comfortable sweat pants for the post-games or stroll with ease. These pants come sweatshirts perfectly associate your embroidered hoodies: guaranteed comfort.

And Side Marking?

Printing side, the situation is relatively simple as regards your custom hoodies: choose theembroidery . The hoodies are usually very thick, and there will be no more significant than a marking with a touchdown, a little relief. This marking will offer more prestige to your sweat and resist the weight of years. Other possibilities: screen printing and direct digital printing, but beware, these impressions will not offer relief and a slight touch for screen printing (no touchdowns for direct digital printing). If your budget allows, we strongly recommend that you opt for embroidery, because nothing equals the embroidered hoodies.

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