Customize Your Jeans with Embroidered Decals

Customize your jeans with embroidered decals and have a custom piece for use on a day-to-day basis. This technique of customization has made success among women seeking a more relaxed look, modern and urban.

There was a time when women were content with the clothes sold in stores. Today, they seek personalization, i.e. exclusive pieces that allow an original look. On the search for exclusivity, arose the movement DIY (Do It Yourself), which means “do it yourself”.

The customization of jeans is a common practice among women, especially the younger ones. The techniques aim to reuse an old piece or leave a new play totally remodeled. The modifications are performed with spikes, tears, glitter, printed fabrics, lace, among many other items. Recently, a finish that has gained space in the area of customized clothing is embroidered overlay.

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The use of embroidery is a decal of so many ideas to customize jeans. This type of finish, however, is not an exclusivity of the motorbike and strung out. Women can adapt the technique to his own style, including making a sturdy jeans most delicate piece.

Customization Of Jeans With Embroidered Overlay

The embroidered overlay, also called patches, is nothing more than an ornament fusible which can be set in all kinds of clothes and some accessories, such as hats. The embroidered patches on jeans a look with a footprint more rock in roll, but it is possible to adapt the idea to different styles.

If the woman you want to leave your jeans look more rocker, she should bet on urban decals, who value figures as symbols of bands, skulls and guitars. If the goal is to create a romantic look and touch of femininity, so it pays to apply patches which recognize the boho style, such as flowers and ethnic prints.

Customize Your Jeans With Embroidered Decals

For you to customize your jeans with embroidered decals, it is extremely important to know the techniques of application. Check out the following:

With iron

The fuse should be pressed to decal jeans and subjected to some form of heat, as in the case of iron.

Stitching on jeans

Some women prefer not to use the iron to apply decals embroidery on jeans. They end up opting for the sewing technique. In this case, you can even make their own patches, cutting pieces of printed fabrics.

Enjoy the tips to repaginate your pants, shorts, vests and jackets. Customize your jeans with embroidered decals.

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