Custom Made Jeans Online

Our site has previously written about custom shirts (or made to measure, if it is going to be a little picky) and what results you could expect from the services. But now the Canadians have taken the concept further and now offer custom-made jeans, for 850 euros.

UJeans named brand that meant revolutionize jeans world. On a horribly ugly website may choose between various jeans models and variations for putting together the perfect pair of jeans. There are also various weights and washes to choose from among the material.

The service was originally designed for women (the reason seems to be that they did not believe that the men were interested in fit) but is now also available in men’s models.

Jeans enthusiasts will unfortunately not find something to rejoice over at UJeans. No fancy stitching, lining, or similar details are available, and washes looks both tame and dull. To this must be added the risk that they are as talented at making jeans as they are at making Web pages to describe the process …

How a pair of jeans are determined by one’s own taste in consultation with a mirror. Particular play dimensions in, especially if you have an unusual body shape. But I hope you find the perfect pair of jeans, only with the help of a tape measure, you’ll be disappointed.