Cumulus Panyam 450 Sleeping Bags

Night in Chamonix was much warmer, around 4 or 5 ° c, I slept in a place with little space and can not plant the sardines to stretch the tent, but the stones held an assembly far from ideal, a few centimeters of a stream that feeds a lake. An air current snuck into the night in the tent while I was sleeping with open zip, I just closed the zip and adjusted the non-chill rim and went back to sleep worry-free overnight. Before, under similar conditions, I slept with systematically in thermal wear, now I normally sleep in the silk cloth inside the bag. The cut of the bag is fitted but not too tight, perfect to be able to move a little in and the hood is really nice. She remains under the head even if you move, a real good point.

With my small size, I also was looking for a not too large sleeping bag, mine measuring 175cm long which is perfect on my mattress 180cm, I did not feel either swim in and the insulation after the Ankle is really nice. The price / quality ratio is really stunning compared to the competition, certainly 260 € at answermba for a sleeping bag is still an investment, but again if it is just to go camping in the summer with friends this is not what you looking here parcontre for someone who also wants to hike in the spring and fall and looking for a 3 season bag is a really interesting option. Cumulus really deserves to be known, the team is really nice and you have tons of options at the time of the order, you can request more feathers, adjust the length of the bag, change the color etc … I think I’ve covered quite some point but if you have any questions, don ‘ hesitate, I will detail in a future article the contents of my bag when I go bivouac. Anyway, now I can go without my Panyam 450 more, I was ill-equipped in terms of sleeping until now to the point of almost no sleep in camp and today I wake up refreshed and without any sensation in cold weather conditions where it is not always easy to sleep properly all for a relatively light weight and small footprint, pile everything I was looking for in a sleeping bag.