Cuckoo Clock

Time is in everything, even though the need to tell time is a millennial necessity, necessarily human, arising from our mortal needs, such as the ideal time to plant and also to harvest food; To count the moons cycle and the respective periods of tides; And even to know where we were, who we were, where we go, how we go, etc.

Cuckoo Clock

Even the most basic needs can be practiced with a bit of whimsy and care. This is the case with the cuckoo clock, we look at its origins and utilities in this special. It is a product dating from the mid-eighteenth century, but whose purpose is ironically unbelievably timeless, whether to compose the home decor or to make sound warnings that we are advanced or late for our day-to-day commitments. Inspire yourself in the timely elegance of a cuckoo clock from Phoenixwallclocks!

Cuckoo Clock1

The Origin of the Cuckoo Clock

The coldest regions of Germany were the cradle for the earliest clocks in the country, more specifically, the mountainous region known as the Black Forest during the seventeenth century, where craftsmen passed the harsh winters sheltered under a warm ceiling, working in their crafts, Take the news they created for the rest of Europe, as well as Asia and America in the short European summers.

Cuckoo Clock2

The cuckoo clock, however, only arrived in the following century, from the idea of the craftsman Franz Anton Ketterer, who adapted two bellows to the rustic clock and thus, brought a soundness to the punctuality – or lack thereof – to the consumers.

Cuckoo Clock3

The Cuckoo Clock in Decoration

As a handmade piece, the cuckoo clock brought a series of customizable items to expose its characteristic song every hour, such as domestic animals, regional figures and, of course, the bird itself that gave rise to the history of the cuckoo clock.

Sculpted mainly in oak wood, the cuckoo clock brings elegance and rusticity to the decoration, even if it is possible to personalize the product and give a more uncluttered tone to the cuckoo clock, in addition to its modern decoration, for example.

In general, the cuckoo clock carries a historical and authentic bundle that is difficult to disassociate it from its natural essence. In home decoration, the clock can be the focus of your living room, for example, or still be the main decorative piece of the hallway of the house – always valuing artisanal work and the relationship with nature, which are inseparable from the cuckoo clock.

Value the handmade decoration and invest the punctuality of your decoration with a cuckoo clock!