Create Your Own Apron

From Bandsalat to Möhrenschnippeln: After you Marion showed last month, as you are the subject of “Music” on Tank Tops, Bags & Co bring, it goes on today with Laure the blog. I love to do it yourself . She has a useful accessory in baggage that is not necessarily always the latest fashion: the apron.

Create Your Own Apron

Check out here how you make a virtue of necessity and apron step by step in a hot DIY part:


“I cook totally happy, but aprons have always been an absolute no-go … I think they always look a bit old-fashioned. But after I messed me when cooking several items of clothing, I’ve got it but then times with an apron tries. And because I wanted a stuffy or boring in any case, I got me a couple of DIY paraphernalia worried and losgelegt. That’s how it’s done:

For your own personalized apron You need:


-An apron with motive

-Golden Bügelfolie

-Rivets to iron


-A scissors

-An iron

  1. Draw the parts of the design on the tracing paper which you later with the film want to fill.
  2. Cut out the parts, transfer them to the Bügelfolie and cut these parts.
  3. Place the parts on the apron and ironing without steam to 20-30 seconds under protector.
  4. If everything is cool, you can remove the protective film.
  5. Now it goes to the rivets.Put them in the right place and iron it without steam (inferior cloth!) 20-30 seconds.

Et voilà! From today you cook only with an apron”