Cozy Sweater

I’m so creative, what’s Blogposttitel, the madness. Haha. Since the snow has adopted now again there are pictures in the Green, but to be honest, I am quite happy about. To freeze when the shooting does not count because my biggest hobbies!

Here you see one of my favorite sweater for Christmas, by the It is oversized and soo cuddly. To replace the thin stockings against a warm wool tights, this look is perfect for colder days. I am already very on the warmer times. At the moment, I have indeed fairly large wanderlust and would eerily like the sea. Hopefully I can do it this year. With Bali and Santorini I love already a half eternity…

Forget not my Blogvorstellung by the way. It would be happy if a few Herzchen would join.
I’ll me now go to the kitchen and throw in the oven. My Süßis come tomorrow and there will be cake POPs.