Covers, Batteries and Headphones

Cellphones like the iPhone 6S,  Galaxy S6 and  Moto X Play  can have very salty prices. For this reason, it is common for consumers who have invested in expensive smartphones to look for cheap accessories to buy. Whether it’s an extra battery, headphones, water-resistant cases or camera lenses, there are several gadgets to power the phone. 

All these accessories have a price that fits in the pocket-less than $ 100- and can be found in online stores for Android or iPhone (iOS), depending on the model. Want to know more? So check out the seven tips.
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  1. Camera Camera Lens And Flash

The first item pleases those who like to take pictures with their smartphone at all times. Want to turn your phone into a GoPro? It is possible to find extra lenses, to attach in the mobile, in the styles “fisheye”, macro, to register details, and wide, in kits from $ 30 in national stores.

Instagram-style filter lenses are priced between $ 30 and $ 100. Do you like photos with friends in darker environments? So an extra flash can help, even to take selfies off. The value in national stores is from $ 25 on the LED model, which is docked at the headphone output. See full details in this complete list.

  1. Extended Battery

Looking for an outlet to charge the cell phone is quite common day to day. However, with an extra battery, this can be solved simply: Simply plug your smartphone into a portable power bank to continue using your phone. Android compatible models, micro USB port and iPhone with Lightining are available on the market.
The prices are from R $ 30, with power of 2,600 mAh. It is important to check the battery capacity of your device before you buy. See the list with some models of portable chargers  and extra battery options for the iPhone.

  1. Custom Layers

To leave the smartphone with your style, there are dozens of stylized skins available.The wallet model is found from $ 20, according to the cell phone.
Already the prints can have drawings of characters, floral, fun images and more, with value from $ 15 in silicone or plastic. Options are available in the domestic market for iPhone and Android phones. Check out the TechTudo list with custom layer options.

  1. Waterproof Cases

Are you going to travel to the beach? A waterproof cover can be a good solution. The universal model, for phones with screen up to 5.5 inches, costs $ 39.90. The Dartbag option allows to use the touch of the mobile phone and is priced from $ 56.90, compatible with Android devices and iPhone. Check out the list with some options for beach or pool covers .

  1. Armor-Resistant Case

In the national market, it is possible to find cases to keep your cell phone safe from drops and scratches. Some brands like iKase make models from $ 50, with double layer, depending on the phone. Learn more in the list of tough cell phone covers .
With price starting at $ 70, there are cases known as “armor capes”. With sturdy design, the protection allows to reduce damages in case of falls, resistant to water and dust. The models can be found for iPhones, Moto G 3 covers, LG G4 and more brands with Android.

  1. Earphone

Listening to music with a good phone can make a difference. In the market, there are available in-ear models with prices starting at $ 20 and headphones worth $ 50, compatible with Android and iPhone. See the list with cheap options, for less than $ 100.
To use headphones in the gym or water resistant, Philips’ Actionfit is one of the most affordable, priced at around $ 100 in the national market. With this, you do not have to worry about sweat or rain while practicing your physical activities.

  1. External Speaker

To close, a tip for those who like to listen to songs loud and clear, or liven up the parties with friends. There are several external speakers to buy, priced from $ 39. The connection can be made via Bluetooth or cable depending on the model. The waterproof option to listen to audios in the bath or swimming pool is priced starting at $ 49.
Want a fun model? So Maxprint has speakers with animal designs, such as pandas, pigs and koalas. The price is from $ 50 in stores online. The accessory plays the audio by having its cable plugged into the headphone output of the phone. Check out the TechTudo list with more options for cheap external boxes.