Country Female Fashion

Leaving from the Rodeo arenas and invading the city, Country fashion has been gaining more and more strength in the world fashion scene, and currently has a large number of supporters. Cool, fashion country translates to asphalt the main trends of this world to the current fashion.

Inspired by Western movies-American Western-, do these huge success among men and women–from the capital. you never want to set foot on a farm.

Women in particular are more users of that country, becoming true urban cowgirls.A trend that each collection gets more visibility, for 2011 fashion country besides super cool back new news, not just for the designer clothing, but the fast fashion brands also take for its macaws that sets, with new parts and may be adapted and democratic for all styles.

In 2011 it comes full of models of clothes more feminine and delicate: skirts, trousers, shorts, dresses, many parts in jeans, leather, shirts and pretty accessories all in jeans and leather, plus dresses, dashiki and accessories-sunglasses, hats, bags, riding boots, bracelets-, to complement the visual. Here at you can get more models of the fashion footwear. Time to mount your production country, be aware of some tips for visual rather than stylish don’t be absurd.

A style that requires the use of powerful accessories–but don’t use all of them at once-which are very well if mixed with more basic pieces like jeans, shirts in pastel colors and greenish or even a basic white blouse. So if you want to get away from the famous chess blouses. Fashion country hits, they appear in different patterns of prints, colors and modeling.