Costumes-Special: the Big Costume Trends

What would be a nice Wiesn Dirndl without matching accessories?

Costumes-Special: the Big Costume Trends

The right costume jewelery, the perfect handbag and the cool traditional hat make the new favorite dummies really only complete and contemporary!

So that this year at the Oktoberfest you will be able to show off in trendy costume fashion, I have put together the most fashionable Must-Haves 2014 for you – so perfectly styled you can be sure of envious looks! I wish you lots of fun!

Costume Jewelery and Accessories: the Must-Have-Pieces 2014

The classic costume hat is undoubtedly the undisputed it-accessory of this year’s Wiesn, as ebizdir says. Whether with a decorative feather, beaded decorations, colored borders or glittering sequins – everything is allowed. In, who crowns his Dream dirndl with the appropriate head cover!

It does not matter if you are in the classic Dirndl, in sophisticated metallic costume or even in casual leather pants: The cool hat gives the finishing touch to every Wiesn outfit.

My personal favorite model is deep black and decorated with an elegant sequin border and a few glittery gemstones. In its simple elegance, it fits every Dirndl.

The great plus of trend accessories: With this adorable must-have “Bad Hair Days” (at least to the Oktoberfest season) are definitely a thing of the past. The cool hat is not just a decorative accessory but also a refined styling aid.

Fashionable Costume Jewelery

In the costume jewelery this year may also like to go antique. The keyword is “Vintage”! So leave the statement chains at home and instead use soft leather straps with striking charms. Very fashionable are pieces of rose gold, which in their warm shine look very rustic and nostalgic and fit perfectly with classic costumes.

My tip: this year definitely invested in a braided tight-fitting necklace with heart pendant. This costume jewelery classic gives every costume the right quintessence of timeless elegance.

I personally own this fashionable piece of jewelry in many different designs, so I am guaranteed to wear the perfect necklace for every Dirndl.

If you want, the heart motif can also be exchanged by an equally timeless Edelweiss pendant – an indispensable classic that never goes out of style and should not be missed in 2014 with no Wiesn look.

Happy Wiesn Watches

A completely new accessory trend, which may also be carried out in the Wiesn-free time, are wristwatches in colorful Oktoberfest designs. The cool time knives are decorated with classic Wiesn motifs such as gingerbread hearts, deer or gentian blossoms, thus giving a happy our site feeling with every look on the wrist!

These trendy versions of the well-known traditional watch are real eye-catchers, the style-conscious fashionistas should call their own this year. My personal favorite models are made of rustic suede, which is broken down by modern applications.

I like the colorful trend watches especially great as a fine, color eye catcher to the currently likewise very trendy purist, black costume look. My personal Wiesn favorite accessory 2014!

Trend Handbags

In the favorite and most indisputably most practical Wiesn accessory of many women, the slogan applies in 2014: Less is more! Instead of lush, playful applications and embellishments this year, clear, straightforward forms, classic fabrics like felt or ruffles and minimalistic designs dominate fashion Olympus! In terms of color, you are in front with warm earth tones such as beige, sand, dark brown or deep black!

These our site costume pockets fit into a seemingly endless variety of different looks and are thus the perfect fashion companion. Especially for women who do not want to have a style at the Wiesn time.

If you want to spice up your new bag a bit, I recommend you cute, colorful pendants (most beautiful with check pattern!), Which you can hang around the handle if necessary.

I wish you lots of fun with this year’s costume trends! This is how the Wiesn can come!