Corsets, Swimwear… Trends For Spring And Summer 2017

Underwear and swimwear is a booming business that at present, it is not just a matter of fashion and style, but also health

The underwear is a  booming business.

More and more people are taking care of their most intimate clothes, rather than putting the first thing they find in the drawer.

Of course, advertising and celebrated inns have much to do and, in recent years, the social networks of celebrities, especially Instagram, have been configured as new support. Many will remember the suggestive images of Miranda Kerr, Justin Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski or Kendall Jenner showing their Calvin Klein garments in 2014.

It is not only a question of fashion and style, but also health. Do not forget that underwear serves to protect our most intimate parts, so not choosing it well may have unwanted consequences. To begin with, the most hypoallergenic material and the best to let it transpire is cotton, so it should begin to give prominence against lycra or other options.

It is better to bet on quality, which does not have to mean a lot of money, and to discard the garments when they give in or their original color is turned off. And, when it needs renewing, it is clear that issues such as design or color are also highly regarded.

The most trendy in lingerie

The new season is already here and, of course, brings news. For them, once, the key is in the elegance of the garments, with materials of the finest like brocades, plumeti or even tulle. The options of satin or silk are also among the possible, although it is better to reserve them only for special occasions or for robes. For day to day, better cotton.

As for  colors , they will depend on the skin tone or the clothes that are worn (for example, to prevent them from being transparent), but the possibilities are limitless: classic black and white models that never fail; To polka dot prints, drawings or flowers, in various colors.

If what you are looking for is  sexy women’s clothing , ie erotic lingerie, you can take a look at these  cheap corsets as described in and corsages online from Venus Plaza. It is a wide catalog in terms of designs and prices. The key is to choose with pleasure and knowing what feels better, if you do not want to give an image too vulgar.

For men, some suggestions are offered by Moonlight actors for Calvin Klein. Slips and black boxers are a classic , but also white and gray.Emporio Armani also proposes stripes or prints with bright colors.Covering all tastes.

Bathing suits that will fall in love

The swimsuits are still in the way of underwear. On the catwalks we have seen proposals for word of honor, pronounced necklines, folds and transparencies, as well as colors and exotic prints (when not in summer?). The vintage also has full effect, and high-waisted bikinis and bodice type are also in catalog.

Such style is one of the options of Venus Plaza (Bikinis Sexys Venus-Plaza). It has a model with a low top and a round neck and a black and white red combining stripes and polka dots, ideal for lovers of Pin Up. It is just an example of their  womens swimwear.

For them, the fan is just as wide. Those who dare with the slips, have them in  tropical prints, with polka dots or with a classic white that favors with the skin toasted. Among the longer swimsuits, there are prints with original and large drawings.

Innovation beyond design

It seems that the underwear does not matter and yet it  moves around the world 102.5 billion euros a year . In fact, analysts predict that the market will continue to grow to more than 17%, thanks to the push of e-commerce. Innovation and marketing, especially the latter, are behind this success, as pointed out the magazine specialized in economy Emprendedores in its website.

It also included a list of the most successful companies in the world, with special mention to those proposing new concepts. One of them is  MeUndies, which says to use a system of sustainable production and respectful with the environment, with patented methods that create clothes very, very comfortable.

For revolutionary method, however, that of  SheThinx. They have developed underwear especially suitable for them, with a material capable of absorbing the rule! The equivalent of two tampons, to be exact. It is also, as explained on their website, antimicrobial and anti-drip. And, despite everything, ensure that the woman will always feel dry.

Continuing with the commitment to the environment ,  Miakoda says he uses only sustainable materials in his sportswear. Also White Rabbit, that take to gala that of the social responsibility. They explain on their website that manufacturing is run by a family company in Mexico with more than 100 years of experience behind them, only composed of women who are offered good conditions and fair wages.