Convenient Site Features For Facebook

Facebook offers many features that you don’t know that you don’t know how they work or what they actually are. We have the function “Close friends”, “Places in the vicinity” and “Place tips” scrutinized and show these can be convenient.

Meet friends in the vicinity

The function “Close friends” shows you whether your nearby friends stop and where exactly they are. The function is available only with the Facebook app for iPhone or Android. You activate the function, you can see the exact area or town where your

friends are. Also, you will receive a notification as soon as your friends in your vicinity are, so that you can send them a message to meet you with them. This information only for friends who share their information with you too are visible.

Activate the function by clicking on “More” – “Close friends”. Then, you can enable the feature and select the friends with whom you want to share this information.

To share the site with your friends only temporarily, clicking “Close friends” again on ‘More’ – and then on the small place arrow that is next to the name of your friend’s, with which you would like to share the information. In addition, you can leave a note to this friend. He gets it then as soon as he receives the notification that you’re up in the same place. You then tap “share” your exact location is divided and displayed for your friends on a map. Would you stop sharing, you again tap the location arrow next to the name of your friend and select “Exit parts”.

Places of interest in your vicinity

The function “Places nearby” is also only available on the Facebook app. On the basis of recommendations or “I’m here”- or “Like” trade of your friends the locations will be displayed. These places are changed as soon as you and your friends recommend other places or somewhere else guys.

To use the function, you have to select “More” – “nearby”locations. On the iPhone, it works a bit differently than in Android.

Do you have an iPhone you can let show you places nearby, based on categories. To do this, you select a category above and filter the results. To view all locations to scroll up to “near your site”.

If you have an Android powered Smartphone, you tap on the location arrow to go to your site. Based on the name or the category places nearby to find, you have to tap displayed look. Tap “Search area” to find places on the map. Tapping on a place, the page will be displayed. You can show a list of all pages from locations close to your friends.

If you want to search for places that are not in your area, you can move the map to the location you would like to see. Do you like you can update the list of suggestions at the bottom of the screen on “Search area”.

Exciting information about places

Information about places you visit are displayed with the location tips. Photos will also see friends of friends and experiences at this place. The exact location is determined by using your mobile phone network, Wi-Fi, GPS, or Facebook Bluetooth beacons. This place tips are not posted on Facebook and others will also not appear where you just keep up. They only serve to your appropriate information.

To use the tips to the locations, you must first enable location services. This makes it as follows: “Tips for places in the news” tap “More” “account settings” – “place” – “Settings for tips on places” -. If you don’t want to see the tips of the places, you can take them out again in this way.


These site features, you immediately know where your friends are and what places you can visit you next to meet new people or friends. So nothing in the way of a social Mieinander. We find this Facebook functionality to maintain social contacts and discover new good and helpful.