Computer Image: 20 Navigation Devices In The Lab – Hazardous Battery Charging Error

The biggest differences are in the facilities. So, not all devices have a traffic jam warning function (TMC) in the price range below 300 euro. At TMC, the navigation device evaluates the traffic data broadcast via radio. Is reported to a traffic jam, a construction site or a lockout on the calculated route, the navigation system determines an alternative route. However TMC didn’t work for all devices equally well: while a test candidate announced the news after ten seconds and responded, other

devices could be up to two minutes. In the test traffic for the navigation systems using TMC Simulator and measurement stations were broadcast in a shielded room. It also came out: the top model go 720T of the company TomTom could receive no TMC Pro contrary to the product description. TMC Pro – an advanced TMC- determined in addition traffic data from road sensors. also, the testers encountered dangerous errors in charging electronics: ten devices loaded the batteries at temperatures over 60 degrees, be reached quickly in the summer behind the windscreen. This damages the battery and may in the worst case even to the explosion lead.   video: Navis and from 300 Euro two test winners from the COMPUTER image output 24/07: Medion GoPal E3415 and Garmin nüvi G70.» Video playing who rarely needs a signpost for unknown routes and extras such as MP3 player, do without mobile phone hands-free function and photo storage, has a good selection for the cheap devices up to 300 euro. Test winner was “Medion Go Pal E3415” (279 euro) in this price class, best unit in the price segment was the “Garmin Nuvi 670” over 300 Euro (699 euros). COMPUTER image Tip: on some models the maps will be updated once free. «««Otherwise require the manufacturer ever to have 159 euro for new road maps – during the entire unit for 179 euro is. the complete test, read the current COMPUTER screen (issue 24/2007, now in the trade). »all information about the current COMPUTER image » test winner videos: Navis from 300 Euro » first impression: how good is the 99-Euro Navi by Pearl?