Compression Stockings of Running Fashion or Effectiveness?

Another arrives weekend and with many popular races that will fill the streets of many towns and villages of our geography with runners dressed in all kinds of garments to undergo the effort go miles and miles in search of sporting glory. One of the facilities that most it has become fashionable in recent years are the socks and running compression stockings .

Regardless of their level, popular or professional, are increasingly more runners who resort to this kind of garment in search of an improvement in its performance. But, what are?, are they really effective?, are useful or are just a fad?

Uses of running compression stockings

Traditionally this type of clothing has been used basically astreatment for varicose veins and complications (edema and thrombosis), to avoid known tourist class syndrome, as well as to improve blood circulation in post operative. It was not until the Decade of the 90s, when this type of clothing began to be used within the sports field at the hands of a well known American firm, who designed its first models to professional athletes.

How they act running compression stockings

Compression stockings Act on the venous circulatory system, which is responsible for the return of blood to the heart. Physiological level, the use of this type of clothing causes a pressure gradient (from more to less) muscles of the leg (more on the ankle and less on twin) favouring accelerate the return of blood to the heart for later debugging pulmonary, hepatic or renal. As a result, we will soon remove all cell and muscle metabolism waste products. Ideally, that by using them we do not have the feeling that it exerts greater pressure on a point than in the rest.

Benefits of running compression stockings

All the benefits which, a priori, attributed to compressive stockings running (prevent blisters and chafing, limit muscular vibrations, preventing loss of heat in the area or quilting and reinforce some areas, among others) three appear to be the main reasons justifying its rapid expansion in the world of running, improving performance, injury prevention and a more rapid recovery after workouts and competitions.

In this sense, it seems justifiable are increasingly more runners that use this sports equipment for an improvement in their performance capacity. As we have pointed out previously, the compressive garments improve return venous and therefore the supply of oxygen to the muscles in contraction. All this brings with it greater efficiency, since thanks to these garments muscle fatigue is delayed does not accumulate the concentration of lactic acid in the skeletal muscles. However, we must realise that the improvement provided by the use of these sport facilities will depend on the level of training and physical condition of the subject in question. Stating that they do not do a miracle.

Similarly, running compression stockings are very effective in preventing injuries to minimize impact and vibrations to which the musculature of the undercarriage is subjected stride after stride. Compression that reduces the oscillating movement of the muscle fibers. Thanks to this, our muscles do not lose energy or suffer both in career and prevent thus the appearance of possible overloads and muscle pains that short term can result in injury.

Another important benefit of these items affects the recovery. Numerous researches have shown that the compression positively affects the muscle recovery after intensive training or racing. Accelerates the process of regeneration thanks to that extra oxygen that provide us these sports clothes, because it reduces the recovery time. This means that the corridor may again face charges of better quality and higher training.

Characteristics of running compression stockings

In the market we can find a wide range of socks and running compression stockings. There are different designs according to sport that takes place, reinforcing the area of the leg that is most affected in that discipline. Each brand designs these garments with features and benefits, but as a general rule, all share a number of basic conditions. Some are manufactured with silver ion threads, giving features antimicrobial, capable of destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, the silver acts in turn as thermoregulatory, antibacterial and odour.

Image 1. Kalenji compression socks and stockings from

As a general rule, it is advisable to buying this sports equipment will attend the following aspects:

  • Composed of synthetic fibres (nylon, polyester, spandex, nylon…) to have a good breathability and avoid the appearance of fungi. The kalenji stockings are made of 55% polyester, 38% pomiamida and 7% elastan, while socks by 94% polyamide and 6% elastane.
  • Anything cotton because this material does not sweat enough and to accumulate moisture (sweat), aumentaríamos possibilities for blisters on our feet.
  • Seamless or have them be flat to prevent chafing.
  • Reinforced heel and toe, where the impact is greatest and give us one point more cushioning and protection.
  • Elastic zones in the midfoot area that will do that in the case of compression socks less move.
  • Anatomical shape that best suit the shape of the foot and move less. Therefore, they differ each foot that corresponds.

To know what size you have to choose, you must first measure the perimeter of the twin and depending on the CM will opt to one or the other. This reference helps us to choose the size of measured, while the sock also should take into account the number of foot. There are brands that have referenced the distance from the knee to the ankle.

In terms of how put running compression stockings, we recommend that you follow these steps to place you in just a second:

  1. Roll the sock to the heel.
  2. Place the sock carefully in the foot, and check that the heel is in place.
  3. Stretches the width of the sock with both hands to move the ankle, and unwind with caution on the leg
  4. It fit below the knee sock and distributed tissue in the calf. It checks that the brand name is forward.
  5. Note that there is no fold in leg.


At this point you will be agree with me that this kind of garment, aside from becoming a fad, are a breakthrough within the sporting world in general and the running in particular, and a magnificent companion of fatigue for all benefits provided by us.

However, we must realise that with their use, we optimize the functioning of our muscles but doesn’t this mean that there is an immediate cause-effect relationship where our performance is concerned.

The improvement provided by the use of these sport facilities will depend on the level of training, fitness and sports experience of the corridor in question. If you’ve not used them, let yourself be advised and try them to enjoy more of your careers. You can take a look at our range of socks on our website.