Coming Soon The Galaxy s7 Active On The Market?

Last week we have received information about the new outdoor smartphone from Samsung. Now, it was announced that the device is internally arguably called “Poseidon”. Many are so far still not known.

Since the beginning of last week, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 active Gets a successor. The professional Leaker Evan Blass announced on Twitter that the heavy-duty outdoor phone internally has the name Poseidon. What is the name?

Rulers of the sea?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the God of the sea and that fits very well to the waterproof Galaxy S7 active. The internal name can be in any case, suggest that the outdoor Smartphone in the waterproof cuts off even better than its predecessor. The Galaxy S6 active can withstand salt water, however, the manufacturer of a swim in the sea with mobile rather discourages. But because nothing is likely to change when the new smartphone, because salt water rust furthers. But we cannot completely rule out, maybe Samsung surprised us. Maybe you can dive longer and deeper with the new device.

Visually the outdoor Smartphone will certainly again differ from the Flagship version. Certainly it will be somewhat chunky and have a more robust design. Internally it will not differ but certainly again the Galaxy S7. But it of course only be rumors.


It is still uncertain if and when comes the new Galaxy S7 active on the market. It is the information about the device has only been rumors. Yet nothing was officially confirmed by Samsung. We’ll keep you informed.