Combs Sdor Zara

Since the ultimate collection of Nicolas Ghesquire at Balenciaga, who lives the creator hair its mod the insolent greenhouse-t your sinvers, is impatiently is waiting the release of an ersatz fast fashion worthy of the name. A wish finally buttons by Spanish Zara…

APER us successively at Balenciaga, Eli Saab and Dries Van Noten, dor Fireworks likely to conf rer s a touch of unusual shine hair are more in vogue than ever. It must be said that these, pure s the end me, allow to infuse those that adopt a d lightful contemporary sophistication.

And if we let d wire Dries Van Noten its a bit too cutting-edge features of hair-liner 18 carat, we don’t h sitera not fill his basket Zara of new Combs s dor illuminating currently offer “Accessories” of the Spanish brand and displaying a value/price/potential almost unbeatable chic on.

It is true that once equipped with the latter, boosting her hairstyle “Ghesqui re forever” mode is rvlera more sais. Positioned in diad me invers, the longest comb will Crown so wonder bun low, Grand and braids. On his side, the shorter comb will be id also in Duet on the m me c t of hairdressing (attention however to the very fine hair, back them risking to slide, so it will be wise to Texturize l g particularly the hair before you attach them).

We also noted that these minimalist fantasies will not have their same to finalize both the classic looks than the outfits a bit gar we missed. In evening, would associate them a little black dress or a tuxedo port m me skin.


In day, we don’t h sitera not marry them to the following sets (which b n benefit of interesting lescopage between hair adornment e raffin and pi t this tomboy):

Khaki jacket + slim raw + fine sweater round neck black + Black moccasins

Navy Blue Blazer, white shirt + jean blue boyfriend d lav + Navy Blue sneakers

Black Lace boots + slim gross roulott on the ankle shirt “hawa enne” + black vest