Combining the Handkerchief

It is no secret that we at Manolo appreciate handkerchief. To wear this accessory, however, requires a certain finesse. Many study in different ways to fold the handkerchief. Often quite unnecessarily. Handkerchief is not about to fold, it is rather about combining.

Match Tie
Tweedkavajer are extremely grateful to combine with a handkerchief.Tweedtygets roughness creates a nice contrast against the nose the shiny material. Similarly, usually a lighter shirt in a bright color to be preferable to the tweed to not turn the cover to a lot of grieve. Many who try to carry handkerchief choose to match it in exactly the same pattern as the tie. Try instead to raise just one color in the tie and wearing a handkerchief in the same shade. In this case matches the handkerchief the Golden pattern in the otherwise rather sober tie.

Create Contrast
A dress/handkerchief is almost a must for every man’s wardrobe and is equally suited for free as a uppklätt. This handkerchief may work a bit as the focal point and match the light blue in the shirt and tie. The combination of checkered shirt and pinstriped Blazer is not always obvious, but personally I find it a very successful combination. Especially to a clean ylleslips like this. Moreover, it is important to remember that this kavajs wide shot requires a fairly wide shirt collar and bow tie.

Match Shirt
Grey ickemönstrade jackets require no greater knowledge to succeed with. To therefore choose a white handkerchief might appear a tad boring, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that white provides an unbeatable fresh impressions. Similarly, the balance, in this case the rather prominent ties.