Colors for Your Home

To give you that sense of personality and convey what you want to each space, it is important to choose the right tone. In this article we orient on how you can make combinations so you know what reflex when painting a room .


It transmits positivism and represents purity and cleanliness; besides reflecting amplitude and innocence. A whole room painted white is usually very dramatic, so we recommend to combine it with other colors.


It means optimism. Communicates joy and transmits energy. Perfect for dining rooms , kitchens and bathrooms. In the hallways and entrances color invites you to spend. An intense tone eye fatigue, so it is advisable to use soft tones.


Conveys emotion and enthusiasm. Like the strong yellow tone, stimulates appetite and conversation. You can apply it in rooms of games, exercise rooms and social areas. Orange is the color of confidence.


This color raises the energy level in a room, so it is perfect for a hallway or lobby. This color also stimulates conversation and groups people.


It is a dominant, sophisticated and elegant color, so it is advisable to use it as an accent and combine it with other colors in rooms main and contemporary.


This color means everlasting life, satisfaction, health, productivity, hope, joy. It can be used in places where more people crowd in a house or in a corridor where there are windows.


Blue means perseverance, spirituality, faith, fidelity, passivity. It can be used to decorate a bedroom, the bathroom or the room.


Pink has the meaning of joy, dawn, intimacy; so it can be used to decorate rooms or studies.

Now that you know the meanings of some colors, do not hesitate to try new decorations. You will see that your house looks pretty good and you feel you. Try it!