Colorful quartz watches

One of our newly incorporated novelties is this 29.5 cm high impact ABS frame. ABS-widely used in automotive and so-called engineering plastics-is more elaborate and processing than ordinary plastics.

Plexiglas protection glass provides excellent visibility up to 30 meters, with large numbers of 2.5 cm high in black on a white background. With quartz on all three hands, the watch comes with the included battery (LR6). The second model (from the photo) includes a magnetic hook.

Colorful quartz watches

Another version of the classic and always requested analog model. This watch includes a white dial with minute imprint and the second color needle of the frame, which is made of high impact ABS, available in eight different colors and with protective glass (mineral). With a diameter of 30 cm and large figures of 2.8 cm black, the movement is quartz automatic and silent.

The quartz watch has a diameter of 40 cm, so the visibility reaches 40 meters.

With plexiglass protection glass and analog quartz movement on the three needles; The height of the numbers is 3.4 cm and is available in five colors. Both include LR6 battery.


This 35.5 cm stainless steel waterproof watch, due to the quality and resistance of its finish, can be installed in the exteriors of industrial buildings or schools, as in any interior, from workshops to swimming pools, gymnasiums, bus stations And hotels. Its visibility reaches 40 meters and is covered with protective mineral glass.

The second model has similar characteristics but offers a larger radio controlled version that allows greater autonomy, as it updates the time and the usual time change between stations automatically.