Colorful Gloss – Fashion Trend

One of the trends that go and come back in fashion, the gloss resurfaces as big bet of makeup for the next seasons. However, those traditional, transparent, that we already know, but the colorful, hit especially for summer 2012. In various colors, he arrives full of glitter, textures, finishes, in addition to effects which promise lips a la Angelina Jolie, bulky and hot.

On the color chart, bet in shades of nude, coral, pink, pink, red, chocolate, gold, wine and orange.

To apply the correct way and prevent it drain, apply first a bit of colorful gloss in the heart-centre – the mouth. In this way, the product will just focus on this region, giving a sexy fuller lips effect, but just right.

Now, with the help of a brush for lips-if you don’t have the brush, you can use your own fingers, distribute the gloss giving light taps right throughout the mouth. For a more intense effect and perfect coverage, repeat the application, or apply a layer of lipstick underneath. If you feel that the gloss was too much (usually when it sticks too much to open and close the mouth), remove excess by pressing the lips on a tissue.

But attention at the time of purchase, not to take a pig in a poke, because the color of gloss on the shelf can be quite different from that will stick in your mouth. Not to regret after purchase, take into account the shape of your lips. The thin lips ask for a colored gloss, beige, pink and sparkling colours.

Housewives already thick lips should choose gloss darker in color. Also be careful with the texture of the gloss. Who wants just a wet can effect of sparkles liquids and fluids. Prefer a longer lasting effect? Invest in gloss firmer texture.