Cold Great Looks

When snow falls and temp negative temperatures become everyday life, hard not to succumb to the nes of hibernation fashion sir. A de facto state that one should however not hesiter fight, by applying some of the many stylistic tricks that can offer a small supplement to me our winter outfits…

In practice, think thus:

Sophisticated coats pinglant a pin a baroque touch on the back of the neck, on the flap of a pocket or on the chest

D rider our caps in their adjoining a thin veil or opting for a pi this neon cashmere

Adopt the cuyre style by offering beautiful bootsare high perch, o you will slip jeans skinny jeans and opaque tights

Curl in a long and thick coat, will allow us to settle for the rest of the outfit of pi these a bit more lresg than the accoutum

Opt for long gloves in cashmere ( hue peppypreference), that you will be s fronc on the forearm, the sleeves of the jacket l g slightly remont are

Overlay layers thinking trio of matires and color combination, like the mix pais vest blue sky/jean jacket marine delav blue /manteau sentence or even the yellow p together long cardigan the / clear/topcoat caramel denim jacket

Dare the hairy boots moon, condition them to associate a look more “edgy” than “cocooning”. The outfits monochrome maill are an accessory minimalist will be ideal to accompany boots of y ti and other pairs of Uggs

Play on volumes by combining parka, sweater, boots, heels and low close

Choose his hat in a carbon tint, way att nuer dimension sib rienne in favor of a d sheath a little more casual chic

EMBO ter not Phillip Lim by daring to associate long ultra cozy and dress pants 7/8 Sweatshirt (we’ll take care of att nuer the contrast between these two pi these conflicting priori choosing them in shades of the m me family – brick/bordeaux, Klein/Blue marine, water/khaki green)

Look grand froid

Reheat our the res skirts of skater through pantyhose in wool s doubled in a pair of heavy socks (Chanel)

Dare the overlay coat cropped to long fur sleeveless vest

Offer a conceptual artwork in order to boost a look more warmy than ultra styl (see here, here and there)

Wear her skirts with a slim

Associate scratches marini re and Plaid scarf