Coffee For a Perfect Skin Mask

Hello Fashionistas,
I am sure that many of you love nature so much like me, it brings incredible benefits and can do at home which is fantastic, for this reason today I want to share with you not only one of my favorite, if not masks the most easy and quick to do that I’m sure will love, because few of us us is annoying every time you a new granite or whenever skin shines us? and we always want to have smooth skin, avoiding lines, this mask is excellent for fix brightness, tone the skin and eliminate these annoying bumps that will not let us continue with our day.

Coffee For a Perfect Skin Mask

As defined by Digopaul, the coffee has toning properties, so not only help eliminate districts if not also to tighten your skin, toning it and make look more healthy by stimulating your metabolism.

Caffeine fights wrinkles, expression lines and best of all is that you dry granite exfoliate the epidermis and stimulating circulation, it is not amazing?

Now already knowing the properties of the coffee I leave the step step away from this wonderful mask and at the end you will find a video where I show them how we do it.


1 tablespoon coffee

1 1/2 tablespoon milk

Mix milk and coffee blending to create a thick mixture, see putting milk on the coffee by looking to its consistency is not El.


With your clean face it takes this mixture with your fingers and put it on your skin in a circular motion to the one hundred exfoliate every one of the rinconcitos without too much pressure to avoid redness, ensures that all your skin is covered in this mix, let stand 15 to 20 minutes and ready! You can wash with cold water and you will feel your skin radiant, clean and perfect, you can make this mask once a week if your skin is oily and if your skin dry every two weeks.

It really is very easy, you can do it from the comfort of your home while time tele or reading a book.

Watch the video here.

Properties of the mask of coffee will leave your skin perfect, unblemished, remember, you must be judicious and you will notice better results every day.

Remember also, care for your skin by consuming lots of water, applying oils, moisturizers and sunscreen every day so that their cells to regenerate and maintain their internal water levels high.

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