Coccinelle Handbags Review

Here comes the collection of Coccinelle bags for autumn winter 2016 2017! The Emilian brand is back with a line bags in perfect Coccinelle style, always accessible luxury brand, dedicated to young women, in a target age ranging from 25 to 45 years.

The Coccinelle bags for the cold season in 2017 have clean lines, suitable for daytime look for women who work, but that does not disfigure the most mundane evenings. For students and the most sporty women, Coccinelle also proposes backpacks glamor, in line with the colors and fabrics of the season trend.

A collection in which the modern is cleverly mixed with classic and formal, without becoming too demanding.


This bag is more elegant and essential day is undoubtedly the frame model, also called bugatti.Ladybugs proposes saffiano, with handles and removable shoulder strap and small size.

Thanks to the size, eliminating the shoulder strap, this handbag Coccinelle can also become an evening bag. It is available at 320 EUR, in 5 colors: black, beans (red bean borlotti), blush (deep pink), khaki (dark brown) and seashell (nude pink)


Hand bags, but they are still practical! The messenger from ‘vintage allure yet with contemporary functionality Ladybugs will delight bags addicted. The historical model B14 is even more glamorous thanks to the painted skin effect.

The removable shoulder strap is a gift for the diehard shoulder bag, but comfortable handle will still allow you to use this bag without difficulty. There are many color variations: blue nectar (pictured), yellow curry, brown aviator, naked seashell, red bean and black (248 €).

The seashell bare variant of the B14 bag in super shiny version thanks to patent leather.

There is also the ‘animal effect, in this case, lizard, for the skin of the bag B14 ladybirds. Colors that blend the brown of winter and the white that gives light, for an outfit chic day with the shoulder strap and a glamorous evening used with single handle (330 €, even total black available, always lizard effect).

The patchwork is back in vogue, especially for the cold season, because it mixes the still bright, warm colors of autumn to decline then to those cold winter. This is the characteristic of B14 bag with leather patchwork, reminiscent of the geometric pattern, perfect for day look (330 €). It is available in two different versions patchwork, both in leather and colors.

The workwear look has found his hand bag, thanks to Coccinelle! This bag is divided into compartments, the dimensions are perfect for its function and is very light. The coating makes it glossy and glamorous, for a formal look, but without sacrificing fashion. The three colors available, with internal fabric in contrast, are: black and red beans and blue and aviator and blue (320 EUR).

The daytime bag for work that recalls the old folders, but in a modern magazines: in the autumn winter Coccinelle there is also this. Leather, with comfortable straps and inner fabric in a contrasting color, in a 5 shades: seashell and red, blue and aviator, bean and blue, black and red and blush and dark gray (€ 280).


The shopping bags are a must have for today’s women. Ladybugs, for the cold season 2017, gives the kind and cheerful colors to illuminate the gray days. The shopper blush pink suede, with long handles for maximum comfort on the shoulder and two internal compartments divided, in black color contrast, has a modern design and fits all. Other colors are: blue and bean, black and dark gray, brown khaki and blue (248 €).

In the catalog Coccinelle handbags there is also the suede shopper version, in dark gray asphalt with black fabric interior

The leather shopper is the one that many women prefer, because it’s easier to match even with the rain. The Coccinelle color versions for autumn winter 2016 2017, always with interior contrast, are: blue nectar and seashell, black and aviator, seashell and black beans and red, black and leather, blush pink and khaki (248 €).

An even more minimal version of shopping bag, this time in calf leather, comfortable and roomy coma the previous year. The colors for this bag are: asphalt, blue nectar, blush, aviator and bean (cost € 185).

A bag for everyday, comfortable and spacious, decorated with a tassel that closes a handy inside pocket. This bag in suede, with internal color contrast, is available in khaki and blue and asphalt and black (price € 298).

Rectangular shopping, much like the messenger model, for maximum comfort. Long handles and adjustable shoulder strap, as well as removable, rugged zipper closure. The fabric in saffiano print optical effect , in pink and blue, making it a day bag that breaks the darker look (330 €).


The bucket bags, with their air so 90s , are returning the rage precisely because of the massive revival of those years. Here is the Coccinelle proposal: three colors, two models. The larger the black suede, with long tassels to decorate the bag and removable shoulder strap (€ 280).

Very glamorous the handle, with small golden metal inserts, to give brightness. The slightly smaller models, more and suede, are yellow curry and dark brown inside and merlot with black interior (230 €).

We also find variations in suede, in a variety of colors: dark gray asphalt, intense cherry red and brown khaki (€ 280). All straps are removable, so you can use the bag also in an alternative way, as the occasion of use.

A bag well suited to working women and female students, this roomy bag! A bag with two exterior pockets, a zip pocket, internal compartments for optimal organization, this suede bag is available in dark gray and dark brown (cost € 360).


Shoulder but mini, this is also a proposal to Coccinelle / s 2016 2017. The version of the shopper optical effect is also found in smaller sizes, with removable leather shoulder strap (260 €).

They are part of minibag with shoulder strap also frame in saffiano bags model, smaller than those proposed at the beginning views. The colors are always those of its larger siblings, at a slightly lower price (320 €).


The extraneous minibag therefore no lack! The B14 in silver metal skin is also suitable for evening look, and embellishes those by day if you use the shoulder strap (also available in blue metal, € 230).

The lizard effect is the pattern you chose Coccinelle for its winter animal and hid on its historical model, in smaller sizes for special evenings. The color versions for this minibag with removable shoulder are: nectar blue, gold, black, dark cherry and rock releases (230 €).

B14 mini also in paint, in curry yellow colors, blue nectar, aviator, seashell, bean and black (175 €).A versatile bag that can give originality to any outfit, both by day and by night.

The mini shopper is the idea that will solve the capacity problems of many women, but do not want to use excessively bulky bags. The colors chosen by Coccinelle for autumn winter 2016 2017 are also replicated on this occasion, so this mini bag you can buy it in shades of intense cherry red, blush pink, black, red bean, aviator and pink seashell (248 €).

No shortage minibag designed specifically for the evening, as this lizard effect leather clutch bag, with Removable Chain Strap, available under intense cherry color, black, bean and rock releases (180 €).


Clutch bag with removable shoulder but, in case you wanted to use, comfortable look with a leather mid chain. The clutch lizard skin effect, in the rock press, is the evening bag for anyone who is not afraid to look a bit ‘eccentric (248 €).

The closure especially with metal decorations, for a glam rock look that will go very fashionable next season. The other shades of this model are: black, bean and intense cherry.

Other clutch, but more discreet, with a closure in more classic metal and that can also be used for the look more formal day. The leather lizard print is embellished allure vintage 70s, another trend of the season. You can buy this bag to 260 euro, declined in 3 colors: black, rock press and bean, as in the photo.

The clutch is even more mini, to bring only the essentials. The version in saffiano optical printing gives a more youthful and bright to dark outfits evening (70 €), while the classic clutch, solid, it is the right option for ceremonies and formal evenings (43 €).

This model can be found in colors bright and almost pastel (pink blush, bean and aviator), to break the monotony of the stylish clothes.


Here we are the backpacks, we must-have for young female students and women engaged in many daily errands, when you prefer to shift your weight on your back and not on single shoulder.Coccinelle offers two sizes , mini and a larger, both in suede. The mini version features 4 color options: red intense cherry, brown khaki, dark gray and yellow curry (220 euro).


The collection handbags fall winter 2016 2017 Coccinelle is available on the website of the brand, and in many store -brand Emilian home. Try discounted Coccinelle handbags? Locate the retailer nearest outlet brand! We remind you that even during the sales you can buy Coccinelle handbags at great prices!

Ladybugs gives a touch of color and soft fabrics for next winter! What do you think of this collection? Waiting for your opinions!