Coast Sweden

On my arrival in Växjö the weather could hardly have been better. No clouds, a little wind and mild temperatures.Everything looked like a perfect hiking holiday. But later everything came a little different than I thought at that time.

Arrival In Kalmar

Arriving in Kalmar, an icy wind suddenly came from the mild breeze, blowing directly from the sea. My first thoughts were the organization of something edible.The big M was easy to overlook from the station and ended my first culinary trip with two Big Mac and a sprite.Once again, my laziness has triumphed.

But slowly it was late in Kalmar and I was missing a little drinking water, as well as some little things, I wanted to organize you on the spot. Fortunately the tourist information was directly in sight of the large M on the other side of the port. But already on the way to the tourist information I realized that I would at least have packed a cap for the coastal regions. But then I had to go through.

Having arrived at the information, the next problem emerges. The touri-info has been closed for one hour. I would not have spent so much time in the fast food resaurant! But it does not help… Fortunately, there were a few city plans out of which I have just grabbed and spread one. But what do I hear? Someone speaks German?

A group of nice German students walk past me and show me the way to the next supermarket. There I cover myself with water, juice and a few treats for a cozy evening at the beach. When I arrived I enjoy the first view of the castle, which I will look at the next day more closely.

The First Night

A small group of trees on the beach gives me the ideal protection from the cold wind blowing from the sea, as well as from the eyes of the residents, which are not 200m away. Actually, I would have preferred a quieter place. But in view of my hunger and the gradually growing tiredness, this was the best place within a radius of just 5km. As a small bonus there was also a sufficient amount of driftwood for a small fire. So I set up my TrailStar between the bushes and put myself on a bench with a view of the sea, where I eat my recently acquired snacks. And enjoy the cool sea air.

Only the seagulls and the ever colder wind blow a little to the idyllic ambience. But still 1000 times better than street noise. With the sounds of nature, no city can keep up.

The collected firewood must be lying in his corner tonight. I’m just too tired and lazy to get something to cook.From the sleeping bag I take a few pictures of the castle illuminated by the warm light of the headlights and close my eyes slowly but happily.

The City Visit

After a pleasant first night in my TrailStar on the beach, it is now time to fill the day with life. When I first looked at the clock, I realized that this would not be a major problem. The battery was empty. So I had to visit a watchmaker first. I still have to get an insect spray. Because contrary to the pre-made statement from some local people that there were no mosquitoes in May, the beasts were definitely on the road!

But the shopping had to be tolerated first, because in Kalmar the clocks run somewhat differently. So there was hardly any business that opened before 10am. So I had a few hours to look at the city and sit in the sun. Slowly the streets became lively. The bakers slowly opened and the first guests sat down in cafes. A watchmaker has also been found who has changed my battery and has just checked the watch for its watertightness.

Kalmar Castle

The most famous sight of Kalmar is the exposed castle, which rises into the sea and attracts not only many visitors, but also bridal couples every day. Because the castle is not only an attraction, but is also obviously used as a concert hall. In the hour act, weddings are held here and wedding parties are passed through. The castle is a very nice place to go, if you just want to let your mind wander and move spiritually into a bygone era. I enjoy the time and sun myself a little too much in the adjoining moat, which is used by the students as a leisure center. The persistent, cool breeze prevented me from seeing the sunglasses early enough, and so I slumber a little under the passing clouds.

The Changing Tread Backpack

Until the moment a rucksack rucksack runs past my nose. I guess roughly the probability that a C2K uninvolved in Kalmar with a Laufbursche huckePACK runs past me and speak to the unknown. It soon turns out that Poul also participates in the C2C and has entered a hotel nearby. Since I did not have any other plans, we stroll around the castle a bit and then move back to Pouls Hotel, where we can rest in a cozy rooftop while we wait for the official first meeting and dinner with the group.

The First Meeting

In the evening we meet in a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, where we meet other colleagues and wait for the organizers Jörgen Johansson and Jonas Hållén.As soon as they arrive, we disappear to the upper floor, where a few tables are reserved for us and a fun evening begins. Gradually more and more immigrants arrive. Also Carsten, Johanna and Ulrich from Germany are sitting soon with us at the table. So the evening takes its course and we enjoy food and drink with good entertainment. But since we want to get out early the next morning, this meeting is over at 11 pm and I have to look for a place to sleep.

At the same time I would like to point out that Martin is looking for a place to sleep and we are going to be together to find a cozy place in the adjacent park. We are both very talkative and have a lot to tell, so I quickly realize that this will be a short night. Martin has already traveled a lot in the world and tells me a lot from Morocco, from where he also brought the carpet on which we sit and later will be lying. This carpet weighs more than the contents of my whole backpack and I admire Martin really for how he can carry this load everywhere. When we finally decide to sleep a few hours, a cat visits us before we finally can close our eyes.

It Starts

When the first sunrays wake us and the cleaning staff of the park before our night camp, it is not long before the film team reaches us. This team accompanies the C2C and did a little interview with Martin and me. After the breakfast we have to go but then. At 8:00 o’clock the start shot will fall. So we go to the agreed starting point, where a lot of hikers have already gathered. Actually, it can start now. If there was not the horse we were all waiting for. Yes, you heard right. Also a horse is with the lot. So we are a really colorful group.

After a small delay, we are then complete and make the obligatory group photo. Then it is already happening. First stop: The east coast of Sweden. Everyone has to wash the hands or the face, so that one can safely walk from coast to coast and not have forgotten the last centimeters. A good idea to finally get awake. Finally, I miss a few hours of healthy sleep from the last night.

Hiking Is The Feet Lust

The group is now setting a decent pace, which surprised me because of the age average. But still all legs are fresh and there is still lively talk. But at the latest during the second break the group is pulled apart. Somehow I lose the overview. We walk through small groves and fields. Mostly, however, on solid roads, which is noticeable in the feet. But everything is still in the green. The locals at the edge of the road are friendly and attentive. They even fill our water bottles.

The Misfortune

But then it happens. In a small part of the forest, I remain hanging between two branches lying on the ground and tug my foot out again with some force. I feel a short pain, but then quickly calms down. So I thought it could not have been so bad and run without letting me know. Johanna and Ulrich are on the verge of Carsten and me. The German group thus leads the field.

But after another kilometer I suddenly feel a pain in the foot, which is getting stronger. I will slow down and take the pain too. I let Carsten and the two others move around for a little rest. It takes quite a while to get more groups on my way. We must have had a good pace. Too good for my injured foot. The pain does not diminish. I am tormented by a few more yards by myself. I thought I was wrong, since no one had passed me a long time. But then I heard footsteps behind me. John and his close up to me. We make a small stop at a bus stop, when suddenly a group from a completely different direction arrives. They have run away and are now on the right track again. So this was one of the reasons why no one overtook me. Not I was wrong, but the others.

I torture myself further until it is no longer possible. On the edge of a small village I take another rest and wait for the rest of the group. Only now do I realize that we were the last two perhaps, if not more hours ahead. Meanwhile, the residents have ordered me a taxi, which I share with the two last ladies from the train. These also do not want to run anymore and so we take the last 3km by taxi.

In Stock

When we arrived in the camp I am ready. I drag myself on a trekking stick to the shower house, where I first take a long shower. My foot is strongly swollen. Still, I hope that it will be back.

But when I wake up the next morning, I feel that the hike is over here for me. The left side of my foot is swollen from blue to violet and still hurts. Walking further is over for me. The event itself but not yet!