Clothing During Pregnancy

A few weeks ago, the new range of clothing for moms ObMum by Véronique Delachaux, available on the site Okaïdi allowed a pregnant reader of this blog to test the new collection.

Here is the notice of Emy Lie on the outfit she received.

I had the pleasure to have been chosen by Anabel, who manages this blog, to test some of the Ob brand maternity wear ‘ Mum by Veronique Delachaux. And most importantly, I got the chance to choose them!Clothing by category: pants, tunic or t-shirt, dress and headband! 4 items! the dream!

I present my choices and above all, what I think:

Ohn law denim blue stone, 38 T

By opening the package (that I got HYPER quickly!), I have not been disappointed by the color of the jeans. Let’s go, I’m now trying to see if size 38 fits before: impeccable. I appreciate that, in putting it on, the elasticity of the fabric of the pants. A bit long (yet I am of normal height: 1 m 67, I’m doing an exterior setback at the end of each leg, I don’t mind.) The small inner elastic on each side of the pants are really very practical to set size throughout the pregnancy. (same principle of elastics for Kids pants, I always found it’s great)However I notice immediately that the top of the headband in jersey fabric that covers the stomach and lower back is a little twisted. I try to put it back right but is not convincing. So it’s a little thick under the t-shirt. So far I already quite worn jeans, almost from the beginning, the headband fabric is relaxed and not maintaining not really belly. It does not drop either alone right but let’s say that I like it when it’s ‘glue’ stomach, loosely so far, but this is not the case well, bothers me a bit. Again, it made not pretty under the t-shirt. It cannot be said whether the size of my belly that relaxes him because my other pants of pregnancy are very well at this level here.

I tell myself that way, with the warmer weather coming, I’ll wear the jeans down banner mode because otherwise I’ll get too hot, so that way there me won’t mind because the rest of the pants is very good.

Pregnancy flamed tunic, T-36/38

I chose this pretty tunic for its shape and its Tunisian buttoned neckline. However there is no choice for the color, but this one suits me perfectly. It is rather a garment of spring so I’ve not yet wore it very often and especially, when I tried it at reception of the package, I noticed that she was pretty great for a 36/38. I would have carried it to 3 or 4 months of pregnancy because I would have a little float in it (yet I immediately took quite a belly!). Now that I finished my 6th month, it fits perfect (photo taken almost 6 months pregnant). His slub cotton fabric is very comfortable and soft to wear. I chose to build the small belt on the side. It is convenient and allows to highlight the large can all over the months of pregnancy since it is myself who fits it at my leisure. Nice to wear with leggings, but she goes with everything! Jeans or other pants also! Its price is also very reasonable.

Dress jersey pregnancy T-36/38

Same as for the tunic, choice of single color and cut rather large!good thing it is nickel for the spring and summer seasons during which my belly will be the biggest! Super comfortable and light, it is stretch Jersey. Cut gathered under the bust draws beautifully the pregnant woman’s belly. Simple and no frills, it is fine to wear under any circumstances, and I already see myself wear it also on the beach this summer because it is very convenient to put on and remove, important detail when it’s hard to move at the end of pregnancy! I also wear it in August after giving birth, well that will hide my belly of young MOM using maternity dresses typed by dentistrymyth!

Belt headband of pregnancy T-36/38

Finally, I tested this belt / headband of pregnancy in striped, smooth and silky fabric that draw the belly of the pregnant woman with modernity. His elastic back is very convenient to evolve throughout the pregnancy and to adapt to the size of the stomach. Worn under or over the belly, to accessorize shirt, dress or t-shirt. For my part, I use it over t-shirts that are not pregnancy, because they back me halfway through the stomach to the Winnie the Pooh. So the banner covers the stomach and cache above all the fact that my shirt became too short at the container level.

Note: I told friends I was going to test the Ob brand clothing ‘ Mum, they told me they were very happy breastfeeding clothing offered by this brand.