Climatempo App for Android Phone

Since I have my Android phone, one of the interesting features is knowing the weather forecast early in the moment to turn off the alarm clock. In fact, the most common thing for me is to go for another 15 minutes of sleep at each nap, and to wake up the weather already shown on the phone, saying it will rain and I will definitely be late for work. Sick things, I mean, rain right?

Climatempo App for Android Phone

Application of Climatempo

Android native weather applications are not always accurate. This gets better with the new Climatempo mobile app with Android. Climatempo for Android shows weather forecast for all cities in Brazil and for major cities around the world, using, as Climatempo says, “the largest climate database in Latin America.”

How does Climatempo work for Android?

According to Paulo Fioratti, IT manager of the Climatempo group, “with the Android application, Climatempo solidifies its participation in the mobile market with quality products for all operating systems. The consumer finds in our applications more speed, convenience and interactivity, always with the credibility of Climatempo “.

Translating the jargon of Marketing means that they have managed to bring almost all the features of Climatempo to Android, with the exception of one or another feature that is not that much lacking. I use more than one weather forecast application for Android, just in case, but Climatempo has been pretty accurate in forecasting. For travel, especially when going to pick up road, the forecast of the application is essential.

Download Climatempo from the Play Store and take your test. Then comment on what you think of the Climatempo app here! Would it fit into your list of best Android apps ?