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Classics Do Not Go Out Of Style!|Classic Shoes

Happy Monday to everyone. How was your weekend? We have been to an Ibiza party in Madrid. It has been a very intense weekend in which we also had time to do another photo shoot and record a very special making off of which I will speak to you later.

Today I present Pablo, our favorite Cadiz, to talk about classic footwear, which is more fashionable than ever. The moccasins are a classic that added to any styling, make a simple set, a set with style and class. It’s time to show off!

The difference between moccasins and dress shoes? As you can see in the images, either one of you will make a stylized foot and especially perfect for any occasion.

Today’s trick from whicheverhealth is very simple. How to get it right by buying moccasins or shoes? How to make your feet look smaller?

Look at the following photos:

As you see, when the laces are far behind, the foot seems larger than it really is.

A good trick is that when you go to buy shoes, look at the cords are closer to the tip, this way, your foot will look much smaller and more stylized.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Thank you so much for the comments.