Classic Faucet or Elegant or More Batteries to Equip a Bathroom

The bathroom was recently a big change. From a small space dedicated to personal hygiene over the years has become a decent room used for relaxation. The important Bathrooms include batteries. How to choose the right?

When choosing to focus on besides quality also its style and shape in combination with a sanitary, tiles, floor tiles and other accessories. Conventional batteries withers are retreating. Today usually reach for modern lever mixer with simple operation.

In both bath tub and shower enclosure we prefer thermostatic battery. When installing multiple batteries in a bathroom with focus on products from one series from the same manufacturer.

Different types of batteries

The choice we have batteries withers, lever and contactless. Then standing, and murals that are installed on plaster or below. A distinction is also a battery basin, bath, shower and bidet.

The basin is mostly chosen battery lever mixer or a three-hole withers or with levers. We use less battery wall, which are mounted to a height of at least 20 cm above the upper edge of the sink.

Bath mixer, whether it withers, lever or thermostatic, are mounted onto the wall. Bathtubs in space suits standing taps or batteries installed to the edge of the tub. The bath can be impregnated with an overflow or cascade. Above the tub, but the showers are installed and concealed lever or thermostatic faucets. The advantage of this solution is that the tile only remain functional and aesthetic parts.

Bidet mixer is a separate or built and controlled by a lever or taps. If not in the bathroom instead of bidet, can you take to the sink in the bathroom basin mixer with mobile handheld spray.

Benefits of thermostatic mixers

What constitutes the advantages of thermostatic mixers? Especially in terms of convenience of use, saving water and energy, but also security. For thermostatic faucets do not care about the water temperature. Just you just set on the controller. This eliminates long tuning temperature, similarly uneconomical wastage of water.

Thermostatic faucets have two drivers – left to the determination of water flow (some models are equipped with an eco stop button, which saves water). Right button to dial-optimal water temperature.

The battery is equipped with a button that prevents accidental starting of hot water, which is advantageous in terms of safety, especially in families with small children, but also the elderly. If the failure of the cold water, batteries can stop hot water. Neither hot battery surface, so we burn him.

Hand showers and guide rods

The bathroom can not suffice with only one water tap. While most use the basin, but most also are acquiring bath or shower faucets and hand shower. Modern warheads hand showers have setup several kinds of streams of water, mostly normal, massage and gentle stream.

Practical and stylish as shower guide rods, which allow you to set the correct height and angle. Shower enclosures, install shower or flush-mounted battery.

Wall shower faucets control a lever taps and thermostatic element. Shower Fun bring great showers.

On the batteries will not spare

Inexpensive battery usually lasts a high frequency of use. Quality single lever mixer is dependent on the cartridge consisting of two ceramic plates with openings placed against each other.

The lever moves them and regulates the flow of water, depending on how it turn and rise up. Quality and durability affects the material from which to manufacture the body of the battery. Among quality materials include brass, but stainless steel, which is characterized by high durability and resistance.

Battery selection also affects customer service, speed of repairs and enough spare parts. Important is the ease of maintenance, without which no battery can not do.

What shapes the batteries are at odds?

Comfortable and luxurious style, elegance and perfect angular shapes are a clear trend today, although many will prefer rounded shapes. In all shapes lurk battery efficient, comfortable and safe. Batteries easily by matching bathroom accessories, sanitary ceramics and furniture. On his coming to lovers of different styles.

Classic simple shapes batteries are popular because of reliability, functionality and affordable pricing. Modern style is characterized by pure dynamic shapes. The popularity are geometric shapes. Even with the batteries, the principle of less is more, and elegance is not subject to time. Also the battery of other styles are characterized by high quality modern technology wrapped eg. In a retro look.