Ciate Velvet Manicure Set

A wonderful news for the nails comes from ciate, dedicated to nail art brand that has already been hugely successful few months ago with the set to make the caviar nail; now launched the fashion effect velvet with the set “Velvet Manicure”.

If the caviar nail had attracted many fanatical decoration, however, it had also made an encounter difficulties in portability of all those stones, which remained unattached nail, tended to be damaged too easily, essentially according to someone the game was not worth the candle.
In this case, the idea is still the most original and perfect for the season cold.
You can create the effect of true Velvet nail, with this set Velvet Manicure by ciate consists of a glaze that forms the basis on which pay a sort of purple that makes the real effect velvet nail, to “clean up “with the brush included in the set, and a small tray that allows you to recover the powder in excess fall.
It reminds us of Fuzzy Nail, or the hairy nail art, which probably spopolerà next winter!
There are 3 different colors of Velvet Manicure ciate:
–  Berry Poncho, deep plum;
–  Blue Suede, midnight blue;
–  Mink Cashmere, pearl gray.
The sets Velvet Mnicure ciate are currently sold at $ 19 price. It ‘an idea Nail Art which is preparing to become a must-have for next season.. what do you think?