Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

How, a few days at Christmas and still miss the presents for his sister, aunts, cousins??? Quiet.I’ll make it. Just follow a few simple rules: 1. Do not panic 2. buy online, which saves you time and in most cases also money 3. buy in Italy, all the more so in these times of crisis is all well and right, but also useful as buying overseas risks of not receiving in time your purchases.


My suggestion is to get a ride on Blomming: not because I work there (this is not a secret to anyone), but because today is undoubtedly the most original and creative Italian marketplace of objects (and not only I say…) : to do with it just an idea that you getting a ride on the home textile, different towels every day.

Through thematic selections of collections already I know that will be the inspiration you: try to look at for example the pins, the watches , the pendants, the t-shirt , the craft necklaces, theclutch, or, for children, those of puppets, dolls and games… Or browse the shops:
Blomming of sellers are already over 3,000 and you can find designer by profession, like Lake, and even those who create objects at home and does so as a second job, which is for example the case of Paperleaf, without being less in excellence.


Yet you have not decided? Ok, I’ll take you a ride: you patiently behind huh.

If you want to give a hand-made bijou you can get a ride in the shop Chez Bobo, specializing in jewelry made with copper wire wrapping technique or in those of The Conspiracy andVectorialism for laser cut jewelry from very strange forms.

If you like the young fashion definitely make your case to the Marina Savarese and Mr Vertigo, while if you are passionate about vintage not miss Cavalli e Nastri and if you have a mania for retro fashion do not miss to pay a visit to Act Two.

For wallets, bags, salvage belts instead there Gazpacho . Anonima| mind specializes in bags and felt accessories, including computer port and work in general and even if you’re a football fan there is the shop for you: to Zoluschka.

Still you have not found anything? Ok, then try looking in the selection of gift ideas for under 50 Euros;