Christmas Gift for Children’s Mission

This year our Christmas gift to Children’s Mission where we both bought the goats, and given the opportunity to provide micro loans to entrepreneurs who want to contribute to their own or their family’s livelihood.

In many countries, the population is severely affected by diseases such as HIV / AIDS which leads to a large number of children are orphaned. At best, these children live in a family-or foster family. It is often difficult for families to get the resources to suffice all. Goats are purchased, bred and given away to poor families, and then primarily to those who take care of orphans. A goat can produce up to four liters of milk a day. The milk is very nutritious and strengthens the immune system, which is especially important for those who have HIV / AIDS.

Children’s Mission believes in encouraging entrepreneurs who want to contribute to their own, family and community support. Therefore, individuals with links to the Children’s Mission in the field to apply for micro loans as a support to realize their business idea. We contribute in this way to be poor but idédrivna people’s efforts to become self-sufficient.