Christian Dior Jewelry

Camille Miceli, that Louis Vuitton has done much of his experiences -but first orbited in the Alaia offices and Chanel-supported by Marc Jacobs who in very difficult times drove her to give free rein to his creativity, has landed in another the historic fashion house, Christian Dior, just last winter, more precisely in October, with a respectable role. The fact Miceli was appointed Artistic Director of the collections 1950s jewelery only a few months ago, in the fashion industry and everyone was waiting to see the results of this new assignment. Well, if you too are among those who were no longer in the skin waiting to see the result of the work of Camille Miceli here’s a small taste.

The right arm of Marc Jacobs is ready to reveal to the world his work for the historic fashion house founded by the great Christian Dior, and its debut has created a collection of necklaces and bracelets sophisticated and precious by name Diorose. For its initiatory collection, showing the world his talent, Camille Miceli dusts off the archive of the maison paying particular attention to Monsieur Dior and its habits. Did you for example that the great master of couture is pinned thrush before each show as lucky charm? It ‘a pleasure to discover with the new jewelry collection also the roots and the magic of the fashion house.

Diorose tells lily of the valley, but also roses that Dior was particularly fond of, as well as pearls, and even the great superstitions of the master, and his four-leaf clovers or other talismans, all revisited through the eyes of Miceli full of magic that shows the world he deserves with his talent the chair conquered by Dior.