Choosing the Right Underwear

This post is brought to the Undies drawer the Male Brain.

What woman doesn’t like to see the cat always with beautiful underwear? Today, as well as their lingerie is observed in minute detail, the chicks come on paying attention to man’s underwear too! Holes, stains, or even that model with the face of old, he’s not passing unnoticed.

Decades ago the underwear was just the part that covered the men’s private parts. Made of linen, which was the only washable fabric in the 16th century, it had a triangular shape and were tied at the hip. During the industrial revolution, the ones made of flannel and cotton have gained space, bringing more comfort. Today the panties are no longer just a piece in men’s clothing. With various models and colors, they say a lot about the personality of the cat. See below for more traditional models and choose your favorite!


The Slip model is the original underwear. More dead and without “legs”, passes the impression tall men. Choosing the right model and leaving aside the wide and bright colors, such as blue and beige (those look like a grandfather), have a great sex appeal. But because they dug can squeeze, so should be avoided by men who have allergies in the groin area. Who uses this model tends to be more serious and conservative.


The boxers is the Darling among women. Have a style shorts and, unlike Slip, pressure in the groin. Are made of lightweight fabrics and comfortable, best fitting to the male body. Another plus point of this template is to avoid the friction between your legs and don’t mark on clothing, ideal for use with a suit. Owners of these models are usually independent and “takers”.

Lace Thong

Sungoes are those panties very similar to the Boxer rebellion, however, wider and shorter. Have the famous rubber bands to get the shows off the pants, being very popular in men detached and with a more punk style.


The boxers is as a short, with an elastic waist and is made with lightweight fabrics, like satin or give in. The curious name was given because the musical style was in your peak in the 40. Very comfortable, can be used as pajamas. Men who have this model in your drawers, like freedom and comfort.

We know that the women’s favorite is the Boxer, but the man should always appreciate the comfort and the model that suits you best. And let him know: stains, holes and beige color… Oh, these? Help your kittens to be always well dressed, so much on clothes, and that’s under them. Is there anything better than find them beautiful and fragrant on a daily basis?