Choosing The Right Curtain Fabric

The curtains part to the ambiance of your home. The choice of fabric will help to emphasize the style of your decor. heavy drapes for classical décor, air curtains for Zen, blackout curtains for privacy… the choice is vast and the possibilities.


  • Playing with textures
  • Playing with light
  • technical curtains

Playing With Textures

Some brilliant textures of fabrics offering beautiful reflections and allow a shimmer of light. This is the case of satin and taffeta, soft fabrics, soft touch and the incomparable brilliance. They find their place in the classical interiors, restrained by tiebacks tassels very refined, they accompany a solid wooden furniture.
These fabrics can also be used in baroque interiors accompanying wonderfully eclectic decor consists of objects.

For the same employment, and for a heavier fall, the pile will have no equal. Very soft to touch, every movement of air is enhanced by iridescent fabric. The garnet and deep blue colors are perfect to showcase a solid wood antique flooring .

As a major satin fabrics defined by listofusnewspapers, the wispy organza and lightweight appearance, will be reserved for contemporary interiors. Lightweight, dancing in the wind when the windows are open. Many colors iridescent available. Customize the colors on your home to create a beautiful harmony

For a teenager’s bedroom, dare curtain real jean cloth: amazement guaranteed!

Always cotton but more traditional, curtains Canvas ancient patterns or stripes for romantic atmosphere and a charming interior. ideals in the country houses

For the most original, creative full of ideas such as adding real feathers on small transparent polyester curtains: for use in small doses for Deco bold contemporary.

For more tips, see our article Sort curtains with its rules.

Playing With Light

A curtain is not a mere decorative object, it also helps protect from excessive brightness. Depending on the fabric used the light will be totally excluded, broadcast functional style or even staging.

The blackout curtains whatever their color perfectly protect from light either solar or artificial. They consist mostly of a polyester fabric to which is coated with a reflective layer of acrylic. They are used in rooms that do not have shutters or in lounges .

To filter just enough light to maintain a cozy atmosphere, linen proves perfect. Rather thick fabric, it comes in many colors but light colors are better integrate in a Zen atmosphere and contemporary.

Ideal for separating a room, or replace a Japanese partition, new curtains to laser cutting finely perforated as discrete units or outright cut into geometric shapes allow light, while providing a full set. the polyester curtains ensure the passage of maximum light. Lightweight, they are raised in the slightest breeze. They help brighten a window of their tender or flashy colors. Do not forget the small cloth kitchen curtains recalling the lace of our grandmothers used to cook safe from prying eyes while keeping good brightness . To reserve for the kitchens and rustic country spirit .

Technical Curtains

With advances in technology the curtains are adorned with metallic coatings to achieve energy savings .

Thus, a thermal liner may be added to warping or existing curtain. Covered with a metallic coating with reflectance of 80 to 90% of solar radiation, this lining will keep the freshness to your home in the summer.

The same system exists in winter version to keep the heat inside the dwelling thereby making significant savings on the electricity bill.